Snuggling is Always Nice

The Lion weather was warm yesterday. He’s discovered as long as we play early enough, he’s got the potential to be horny. Once the pain takes over, all bets are off. Unfortunately, we were at the mercy of some delivery men last night and didn’t get to play at all. By the time the delivery was done, all we wanted to do was relax. My hope is that we’ll play tonight.

I’ve also been promising Lion I’ll do manscaping. Again, that’s something that has to be done before the pain sets in. Monday night I suggested doing it, but he was already snuggled into the warm bed nursing his shoulder. It may just be something that has to wait until the weekend. I does take some time to get through all the steps. It’s not necessarily something you can do on a “school night”. On the other hand, I’ve been saying it needs to be done for the past few weekends and by the time I get done with all the chores, there’s little energy left.

Depending on Lion’s level of pain tonight, I’m looking forward to snuggling at the very least. We didn’t do much of that last night. We were just very tired. The rain, which is never far away here, is back again and that’s always a downer. But it’s a good time to snuggle. And, you never know, my weenie may want to come out and play. It never hurts to try. At the very least, we’ll be close and that’s always nice.