For guys who fantasize about male chastity, one of the most popular stories is about the stern keyholder extending the time for his next orgasm due to misbehavior. It’s no secret that those of us who like the idea of wearing  a chastity device are turned on thinking that their wait for the next orgasm will be extended if they displease their keyholder. I admit that I’m turned on by that fantasy. But I know there is a huge problem with doing this in the real world.

In sexual play, temporary frustration of either partner is amazing fun. Males, in particular, love being edged. I my case, edging is over 90% of the sexual activity that I have. On most days, Mrs. Lion edges me several times and then leaves me frustrated. When I am wearing my chastity device, Mrs. Lion puts it back on as soon as I get soft. It stays in place until the next time she wants to tease me. The same routine applies if I am wild.

I like this process. I look forward to the edging sessions. It’s my fantasy come true. If Mrs. Lion then “punishes” me by withholding orgasm and teasing for a period of time, then it feeds my fantasy. It certainly isn’t a punishment.

Maybe we should consider the idea of punishment. Sexual play frequently makes use of that word. Role play includes punishing a naughty child, employee, student, etc. The punishment is some thing the “punishee” wants. Yes, it might hurt or be frustrating, but it is arousing and satisfying to both people. The bottom wants to experience the sensations and frustration.

Clearly, the word “punishment” has a very different meaning in the context of real discipline. Punishment in the classic sense, is the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense. The person being punished gets no pleasure from the punishment.

In our house, Mrs. Lion generally spanks me when I commit an offense. I know what you are thinking. I get turned on by spanking. Yes, in the play sense I do. The idea of a play spanking makes me hard. It’s a turn on. Punishment spanking is something I try my best to avoid. The idea might be a turn on, but the reality is pure pain. Mrs. Lion hits me hard enough to make me scream. This is true from the first swat to the last. If I started out feeling turned on, by swat number two, all I want is for her to stop. I never do anything to provoke a punishment.

Based on my description, can’t sexual punishments be real too? What if the “sentence” for an offense is an additional month of uninterrupted wear of my chastity device? Wouldn’t that go well past the point when the idea is a turn on?  It might be for me. I suppose the idea of this sort of penalty is exciting, but I don’t think the reality would be that much fun.

Continuous lockup may be self defeating. It can have one of two possible effects. The one the fantasies tout is that horniness will increase every day. It will become painful to be denied. If that’s true, then I am sure being so horny is fun. What guy doesn’t like feeling that way? The second effect is that interest in sex will drop off and whether the device is on or now will cease to matter.

This is profoundly different from punishment spanking. Long lock up may not be as much fun as the fantasy, but let’s face it, sexual arousal is not a deterrent to anything. The idea of a spanking is arousing to me. But no matter how horny I am, the actual spanking is just painful and not a bit sexual. Other classic punishments like mouth soaping, corner time, writing assignments, etc. may be arousing to think about, but very quickly become horrible.

Sexual punishment just doesn’t work as a deterrent. It’s part of the game. The real, domestic-discipline punishments are true deterrents to repeat offenses. Withholding orgasms is just part of the game. See the difference?


  1. Author

    My wife keeps me locked up on average a month at a time. My last release was March 5. She has gotten very good at teasing and keeping me aroused. I am now doing the majority of the housework. I am still amazed that I am OK with it. She has mentioned discipline on several occasions but we still haven’t ventured there..
    I am enjoying chastity more than I ever thought possible. Our relationship has always been good. We are closer now than ever before.
    We love reading your blog.

    1. Author

      Fabulous!! I find I am closer than ever to my wife too! She asked me the other day why more women wouldn’t want this. I couldn’t answer.

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