D Day

Lion’s surgery date is set. D-day, of sorts. He’s still going back and forth about whether he wants it or not. I think he knows he needs it, but he’s afraid of the unknown of recovery. We’re trying to get as many things ready as possible, but it’s inevitable that something will come up that we haven’t planned for.

Last night, although Lion was in pain, we snuggled for a while. Lion said he was horny, but the pain and pain killers made my weenie sluggish. He liked having me rub my balls and weenie, but that’s as far as it went. That’s perfectly understandable. I’m certainly not upset about it. Lion might have been, but I’m not.

Lion is still afraid I won’t want to be with him after his surgery. We may have a few shouting matches depending on whether he wants to do more than he should or if he’s whining, but I won’t leave him. I don’t know what I have to do to get it through his thick Lion skull. He’s mine. The only way we’re getting rid of each other is when one of us pushes up daisies. And that better not happen for a long time.

I’m hoping we can play at some point this weekend. I don’t have specific plans. I don’t want to put undue pressure on either of us. I’d just like to get Lion’s mind off his shoulder for a while. Maybe I can transfer the pain signal somewhere else. Icy Hot on his balls, perhaps. Maybe some play swats. And maybe, if he’s a very lucky boy, he might get an orgasm. After edging, of course. I have to make him work for it.