Sometimes things just seem to fall into place. With all the turmoil lately, it’s nice to have something go smoothly. Even though our night was interspersed with surgery talk, Lion managed to have a good night.

I decided to choose my own paddle for Lion’s punishment. He said I picked the meanest one. I think he could have said that about several of them. This one has a long handle with a small circular head. Lots of leverage. It’s actually the cousin of possibly the meanest paddle we have, which is made of bloodwood.

Before I started swatting, I wanted to test a theory I had. It’s been a long time since he’s been swatted, but there’s a spot on his right cheek that tends to bleed even if I don’t hit it directly. I wondered if I put some paper tape on it before I started, if it would keep it from bleeding. The fact that it was even hard to find the spot probably meant it wouldn’t bleed.

I tried the tape anyway. I don’t know if it didn’t bleed because it just wasn’t going to anyway or if I didn’t hit the spot, but the tape might have been a success. I’ll need to keep trying it to see if my theory is really correct.

A while after his punishment, we snuggled. I’m never sure if he’s receptive to attention until I try. I don’t think he is either right now. Once my weenie was at attention, though, I knew we were onto something good. I hadn’t really planned ahead of time, but I wanted to give Lion some oral attention. I can’t remember how I gave him his last orgasm, but a blow job is usually welcome. Now that I know how to edge him orally, he never knows if he’s actually getting an orgasm or not.

Afterwards, he said he was hoping for a blow job. It must have been ESP. He was thinking it and I must have heard him. Or it just could have been that I know he loves blow jobs and I love giving them to him. Whatever the case, he was a happy Lion. He said he wondered if he’d have an orgasm. It’s still within our window of an orgasm a day experiment. Why not? He has two more shots for orgasms. Our experiment ends Wednesday night. Who knows how long he’ll have to wait after that?



  1. Author

    Is Lion ever not in the mood to play following punishment, either for emotional reasons or because the residual pain is too distracting?

    1. Author

      Yes. Last night was a relatively mild spanking and I took a boner pill. That helped!

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