I’m pretty sure no one but our readers knows what goes on in our house. I certainly don’t know what goes on in other people’s houses. Some people make comments about training their husbands to empty the dishwasher or spanking them if they step out of line, but I think they would be appalled if they knew they were in the same room with someone who actually does those things. Maybe not appalled. Maybe shocked. Maybe jealous. They certainly wouldn’t be going to a gathering of “weirdos” like Kinkfest.

I’ve only been to one convention(?) like that. It was eye-opening. It was a little strange. This was before Lion was locked in a chastity device and punished for breaking rules. We were just “normal” kinky people. I definitely felt out of place. Lion was in his element. He knew some people because he was active in the community for a long time. My assumption is that he’ll know some people at Kinkfest. My assumption is that I’ll still feel out of place.

A while ago, one of us (I thought it was Lion) found a shirt that said something about being a keyholder or being locked in chastity. I think it was Lion who suggested we should get them to wear to Kinkfest. Then he said he didn’t know if he wanted to wear something that labeled him as submissive. It’s a little humiliating. Here’s Lion, known for being a slave owner and dominant, now announcing his cock is locked away.

Recently, I was looking at the shirts again to see if I could find one that would work. When I showed him, he again said he wasn’t sure he wanted to broadcast his situation. What’s interesting is that when we first registered for Kinkfest, he asked if they needed anymore speakers. He knows that male chastity isn’t normally represented and he was willing to volunteer us (how did I get dragged into that?) as speakers. But now he’s not sure he wants to draw attention to his caged cock.

Sure, I have the authority to make him wear any shirt I want him to wear, especially in circumstances where we know we’re among “friends”. The question is, do I want to? It’s possible, with people dressed as ponies and puppies and babies, it would help us “belong”. (Lots of air quotes today.) Another thought I had was that it would be an icebreaker. People might be interested in something they’ve never really thought about. Certainly no one would be in a position to think we’re strange.

The main thing is that I don’t want Lion to be humiliated. It’s different when he’s home and he wandering around in a pee-filled diaper. Or even a diaper in public with clothes on so no one can see. Or if I paint his toenails and we go out shopping. No one sees his toes. He knows they’re purple, but no one else does. Still, it’s a little humiliating because if they did know…. So I’m nixing the whole idea of any shirt that says he’s caged or that I hold the key or that he can’t come unless I give him permission. If he wants to share that information, he can, but he doesn’t need to wear a billboard proclaiming it. I want him to be comfortable.


  1. Author

    Sounds unfortunately some one might need a spanking lol but if your speakers at this event about chasity why not.

  2. Author

    Sometimes I ask not to wear my chastity device almost in the hope that my wife will ‘make me’ wear it. That way I get the thrill of her control.

    I wonder is Lion secretly hoping that you will make him wear the shirt? Why buy it otherwise?

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