I Snooze, I Lose

Lion was sort of a wreck last night. We ate carbs again so he snoozed a bit. Then he wasn’t horny when we snuggled because he was tired and his allergies were bothering him. He always apologizes for not being horny. There’s no reason for it. I’m just happy we’re together.

Tonight we need to figure out something non-carb for dinner. Lion says he’s somewhat horny. I’ll have to vacuum the bedroom and get things cleaner for him so he’s less itchy. I don’t want him to keep feeling like he’s broken when there’s another reason he’s not horny. How can you perform if your mind is on scratching? Most of all, I just want Lion to be comfortable. Horny or not, he shouldn’t be driven crazy by allergies.

Since I know he’s been having a tough time, I haven’t been holding him to the orgasm of the night experiment. I changed it to the every other night plan, but even that hasn’t seemed to work. For now, we’re on the whenever-he-can-have-an-orgasm plan. That works fine for me. And I guess it’s actually better for his orgasm average if he doesn’t have one every night. The whole point of that experiment, of course, was to see if he could actually get excited every night. Apparently he can’t, but it’s not for the reason I expected.

Last night was punishment night and technically I could have punished him. I was trying to tell him something and I couldn’t get the words out as fast as he liked so he “helped” me. Finally I yelled at him to let me talk. That should have been followed by the kitchen paddle being used. I didn’t. I didn’t even punish him later. I was wrong for not punishing him. I just know he hasn’t been feeling well and he might have been interrupting because he didn’t feel well. I don’t think I’ll punish him for it tonight either. I’ve self-imposed a limit on punishing him for that. I snooze, I lose.