Opening Night

When a new play is cast, the first activity is usually a “table read”. The cast and director sit around a big table and run through the script.  They stop frequently, commenting and asking questions. This process helps everyone understand the story and prepare for the next step when the play is performed on the stage. It’s an evolutionary process. Over time, people learn the script, understand how they move and relate to one another. Eventually, the sets are complete and the actors wear their costumes for dress rehearsal. Finally, the play goes into previews and the script and stage actions are refined as the actors perform before a live audience. When all is right, the play opens.

Our power exchanges follow a similar process. For example, domestic discipline began with a “table read”. Mrs. Lion established a very small set of essentially-trivial rules. Infractions, when noticed, were punished with light spankings. We evolved to adding more important rules and over time, Mrs. Lion observed my behavior more closely. We learned how to move. The spankings became truly disciplinary and we both moved on our “stage” with more confidence.

Mrs. Lion became more confident and I began living my role. I had no part in directing. Self-reporting stopped becoming necessary. Mrs. Lion became more aware of what I should be doing than I. Punishments grew more painful and humiliating. We were living our parts. The game was gone.

That’s where we are now. We’re nearly ready for previews. Mrs. Lion is firmly in control. I work hard to be obedient. I don’t want to be punished. I absolutely know I can’t escape being disciplined if I require it. We are living our parts. We are moving on the stage with confidence. I don’t think either of us expected to ever reach this point.

At the same time, enforced chastity and orgasm control are also in previews as well. Mrs. Lion confidently controls me sexually. If she feels I am not going to be horny, she may let me run wild (no cage) because access is more convenient without having to unlock me. When she decides that I might be getting interested in sex, the cage goes on. No questions from her. No opinions from me.

She doesn’t have a master plan for my orgasm schedule, but she is confident that she will provide ejaculation when it feels right to her. She’s learned to enjoy my frustration as well as my orgasms. She solicits my opinion on my degree of frustration, but doesn’t use that information as a directive to get me off.

She enjoys seeing me get myself into trouble by purchasing toys or making suggestions for “experiments”. She knows me well enough to predict how much trouble I have gotten myself into. The most recent example is my suggestion for daily orgasms to see if I learn to provide them easily. That experiment failed after two orgasms. Based on her recent posts, she appears to want to try again. Based on my last try, it won’t be nearly as much fun as I imagined.

We’re in sexual previews. Mrs. Lion has developed her own brand of enforced chastity. I can provide input but there is no doubt that I don’t have much influence at all. Mrs. Lion is tuning up her techniques, getting ready for opening night.

It looks to me that opening night isn’t far off. When it comes it will be for both domestic discipline and sexual control. My pain and joy will be real; control will be hers alone. Unlike the theater, I don’t think we will know when we open. We’ll probably notice long after the actual opening. Changes are gradual and are only noticed when a specific event causes one or both of us to look around and realize we are on stage in front of a paying audience. How do you like the show so far?


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    Love reading all about your dance together

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    I enjoy following your progress. Thanks! Ray

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