I’ll Be Here

Lion has been wild since his orgasm Sunday night. I left him wild for ease of access during our orgasm-apolooza. Unfortunately, Sunday night was the first and last of his daily orgasms. Monday he went to the doctor about his shoulder and then was in too much pain to be horny. Last night he wasn’t horny either. So much for our experiment. Actually it’s no big deal. It was just something different to try.

We started to snuggle last night, but his allergies got the better of him. He wasn’t horny anyway. So I decided he could stay wild until he’s actually horny again. There’s no reason the bull can’t mingle with the cows unless one of them is in heat. Lion won’t be tempted to touch my weenie if he’s not horny, so why lock him up? When he’s horny there’s still no danger he’ll play with himself, but by locking him up I’m telling him I know he’d like to play with himself and I’ll have none of that behavior.

This morning, the Lion weather is warming up. I think he said that yesterday too, but his allergies had other plans for him. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to edge him and lock him back up. I like it when he’s at least a little frustrated. I’d start to think he wanted another long wait if I didn’t know him better. It’s hard to be hard when you’re in pain.

I haven’t given much thought to when his next orgasm will be since it was supposed to be every night, for a while at least. And if he’s not horny, it won’t do much good to say it will be next Tuesday. That will be a little over a week wait, but if he hasn’t been horny it won’t feel like that long. That’s how we got away with this last wait being so long. Sure, by the end he was super frustrated, but when he was sick he didn’t care at all. It’s sort of like telling me I have to wait till next year to have an orgasm. Okay. Whenever. No rush.

It’s not like I’m frustrated because he isn’t frustrated. Things will happen when they happen. There really is no rush. I’d just rather Lion not be in pain. We can play when he’s ready. I’ll be here.