The Ultimate Chastity Game

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This widget inspired creation of the Ultimate Chastity Game

Yes, like the apple falling on Newton’s head, mindless staring at our blog bonked me with inspiration. There it was, staring me in the face. The ultimate! Before I get to the details, my idea of any useful chastity game is that it can be played by one or more people. One, of course, must be the recipient of the outcome. Or in this case the, no-outcome.

Anyway, I was looking at the “Lion’s Sex Life” widget. This feature provides a timer on how long it’s been since my last ejaculation. More recently, I added the total orgasms for the year as well as my average wait. It’s sort of the lines on the cell wall prisoners use to mark their time in captivity. I noticed that so far this year, I’ve had five orgasms. Then inspiration struck!

Guys who have the chastity kink want to lose control of when they get to come, no matter how badly they want it. Games have been invented with dice, random number generators, and other ways to arrive at the wait until the next orgasm. The more the odds are stacked against the male, the more arousing the game. Caged males are connoisseurs of irony. The more denial, the more arousing the game.

Determining wait times using chance, like rolling dice works up to a point. The problem is that this sort of game isn’t ironic. But what if we insert a gravity-like force that gives irony the biggest erection it ever had? Do I have your attention? Here’s my idea. The rules are unbelievably simple. Starting on January first, or any day for that matter, count ejaculations. You can have one if you wait at least the same number of days as the number of orgasms since you started play. Play can extend for more than a year. So, when you come the first time, you only have to wait a single day for your next chance.

I’ve had five orgasms so far this year. If I am playing the game, the minimum time I have to wait for my next chance is five days. See where this is going? Last year I came 57 times (I think). That means my minimum wait would have been 57 days in December. Of course the irony is that the more time you get to come, the longer you have to wait for your next chance. Adding a day each time may not feel very important at first, but when your wait grows to more than 30 days, you might regret coming so often.

The one person version works exactly as described. Adding a keyholder also offers more ironic opportunities. For example, she can decide that the price for an orgasm is adding two or more days to your wait. She can also add days just because she feels like it. You might be thinking that this isn’t different from a typical enforced chastity relationship. But it is. You see, the added days are permanent. If my minimum is five right now and Mrs. Lion decides I deserve another day added, even without an orgasm, every single wait from then on is a day longer.

The stakes seem low in the beginning, but it won’t take long before that Ultimate Irony clamps her jaws around your defenseless weenie and you realize that by relieving that burning need, you will make it even worse the next time. Be honest, isn’t this exactly what you wanted when you masturbated thinking about enforced chastity? Your keyholder gets to decide when to reset the counter. I think the minimum time for a round to last is a year.

That little number in the “Lion’s Sex Life” widget starts to loom much larger. Every time that orgasm count goes up, I know I will have a longer wait, not just until my next orgasm, but for a year or more. That orgasm had better been worth it.


  1. Author

    I think Mrs Lion likes mAking you cum far too much to go with this. But who knows. She likes pleasing you so she might give it a try if you can convince her that you really want it!

    1. Author

      I Never suggested that this is a game I have any interest in playing. This game seems best suited for a male who is to be gently trained to eventually come once a year or less.

      1. Author

        Doing the math at 10 years you would still be at 4 orgasms a year

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