I Know What You’re Thinking

I didn’t write a post because I’m mad at Lion. That’s not what you’re thinking? Good. I’m not mad at Lion. We’ve been snowed in. Branches are down. The power has been going off and on. Our cable is out, so no internet. Thank goodness I was able to clean off the satellite dish for Lion’s TV.

Lion is also sick. Not just about the Super Bowl. He’s been having bad stomach pains since yesterday. We don’t think it was anything he ate. We don’t know what it is. Last night I was going to have him put the Jail Bird back on, after being wild so sore spots could heal, but he seemed so miserable I decided not to.

I braved the messy roads and slalomed through the downed trees for a doctor appointment. I now have a decent cell signal so I can finally write this post. I’ll head back home to nurse Lion back to health and maybe shovel more snow.

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