Saving Mr. Lion

lion wearing a bib
This is Lion’s new spanking preventer. Mrs. Lion ordered him a couple of lobster bibs he can wear to catch those nasty drips. It saved him from a spanking the first night he wore it.

One of Lion’s rules is that he shouldn’t be a messy eater. Since I’ve decided that all punishment swats should be the same intensity, I thought I’d do something nice for Lion’s food spilling habit.

Several years ago, I arranged for Lion to have a two pound lobster for his birthday dinner. He was very excited when he saw it. Like a kid in a lobster store. Cracking open a lobster is messy work. Bits of shell often fly. Lobster juice drips everywhere. We were surprised the restaurant didn’t supply a lobster bib. When Lion had lobster another time, he was still sans bib. I told him it was too bad he didn’t have his own.

Well, the other day, I was jokingly looking on Amazon for bibs. Most of them are bibs for feeding adults who have become incapacitated in some way. But this was supposed to be a funny surprise. Then I found the lobster bibs. Score!

Lion thought the package was something he ordered so he opened it. When I got home, I asked if he had fun spoiling his surprise. He didn’t seem very happy with the bibs. He asked if he had to wear them.

I thought he’d be happy to have a way to keep himself clean while eating. He didn’t want to have to wear them. Since it was a joke, it wasn’t a rule to use them. If he wants to be punished for spilling when he now has a way to avoid it, I don’t mind. More punishment practice for me.

When he came to the table for dinner, he had one on. And it literally saved his butt. He spilled soup on himself. Well, on the bib. I think he sees the benefits of a silly lobster bib joke. He doesn’t have to wear it, but it certainly has the ability to save Mr. Lion.


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    If I were Mr Lion I would be wearing the bib and saving my backside. Well done Mrs Lion

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