Last night I wanted to give Lion a blow job. Not all the way. Just to edge him. However, I’m still coughing and I knew as soon as I started to suck on him I’d start coughing. So I had to do it by hand. Not that Lion minds. He loves any sort of attention. And he definitely wasn’t broken. Mr. Weenie didn’t lose his hardness until well after I was done with him. And Lion was still horny; maybe even hornier.

I have no idea when Lion will have his next orgasm. I want him to be super horny before it happens. In order for that to happen, I need to be able to play with him more often. I can’t be sick anymore. I think I might be in the homestretch though. Lion was sick for a few weeks. I’ve been sick for a few weeks. Ergo, I’ll be better soon. Whether I’m better or not, I’m determined to play with Lion more this weekend.

As I was edging Lion last night, I was looking at the amount of hair that has grown back since his last manscaping. It’s been about a month and it’s still mostly gray hair that has grown back. The light zapper has no effect on gray hair so it’s no surprise that they are back. I think there may only be a few patches of darker hair. So I was thinking about shaving and zapping while teasing and edging, and I had an aha moment. Normally, Lion puts the numbing cream on, we wait a half hour, and then I shave and zap him. The problem is that no matter how well I wash off the numbing cream, the razor seems to get gummed up. Well, duh! What if I shave him first and then he puts the numbing cream on? I really do amaze myself sometimes with how long it takes me to figure out a solution to things. When I mentioned it to Lion he said that sounded like a good idea. He hadn’t thought of it either. Maybe I’m not so dumb after all if he didn’t think of it. He’s a lot smarter than I am. [Lion — No, I’m not. She likes to say that. She’s the brains of this outfit.]

We’re off to run errands this afternoon. I’m hoping it doesn’t wipe me out as much as it has the past few weekends. I need energy to play with my Lion.