Better Late Than Never

I’m back at work today. My email inbox along with the inbox in my desk were overflowing. It’s taken me almost all day to dig my way out. Well, at least I’ve made piles by priority and I’ve taken care of some of the biggies already. Now I have a breather to write a post.

Poor Lion spilled some food on his shirt at dinner. He confessed right away since it wasn’t an obvious stain. I suppose I should have given him some credit for confessing, but I didn’t. I guess I was feeling evil.

After my shower, I went to the kitchen to get another glass of water. While I was there, I broke off a piece of ginger and whittled it down to a butt plug shape. When I returned to the bedroom, I selected the mean rubber paddle to whomp Lion with. He didn’t know I had the ginger in my hand. Like a good boy, he rolled over to receive his punishment. And I promptly stuck the ginger in. He wondered what I was doing. He thought it was a regular butt plug. I always use lube with butt plugs. I asked him if he figured it out. He said he knew it was a butt plug and I asked him how many butt plugs are cold. I don’t know if he smelled it or felt the heat first, but he finally realized it was ginger. For some reason, the store we get it from has spicier ginger than other stores. Once it started, it got hot very quickly.

When I was done with the ginger, I made the rest of Lion’s butt warm. I didn’t do very many swats, but they were hard ones. The rubber paddle is also heavier than the wooden ones. I assume it makes the swats feel harder too. Afterwards, Lion said he didn’t think he’s get that many swats. It was only for spilling food. I told him he should always expect swats to be hard no matter what the offense was. I don’t want him to get into trouble. I don’t want to have to punish him. If he’s going to make me punish him, I should do whatever I have to do to deter him from making me punish him again.

I wasn’t very surprised that Mr. Weenie wasn’t in the mood for love. He’d had a salvaged orgasm the night before. He’ll get a little friskier each day until he’s ready to roll again. In the meantime, I’ll keep unlocking him and giving him the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise.

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