Still Broken

Mrs. Lion is now suffering from the same illness that had me in bed for over a week. It’s her turn to get some rest. We haven’t tried anything sexual since my ruined orgasm a couple of days ago. That’s fine with me. I still don’t have any real interest in sex.

Over the last couple of days there have been some comments about my current condition. Apparently it isn’t that uncommon for a guy to get right up to the edge of orgasm and then just lose his erection. That’s pretty much been my situation. Some men practicing enforced chastity believe this is a normal result of years in a cage with a lot of edging. They consider it a benefit, not a problem. Well, for the record, it is a problem and is not caused by long term lockup.

I am broken in a very real sense. It goes beyond just not being very interested in sexual activity. I believe that this is temporary. It’s happened before. It may be part of my recent illness. When Mrs. Lion feels better we can find out. There really isn’t any psychological basis for my loss of interest. Nothing has changed in my life.

It’s entirely too easy to blame enforced chastity for sexual changes. The chastity device, if it doesn’t cut off blood circulation, shouldn’t cause any physical or sexual changes. Guys practicing enforced chastity like to find changes in themselves due to the practice. Some say their scrotum shrinks allowing a smaller base ring. There is no evidence this is true. Most likely, their ability to handle the constriction improves over time and allows a smaller ring.

That’s not to say there aren’t mental changes. I’ve noticed, at least before being broken, that the time between an orgasm starting and the point of no return has increased. That’s one reason Mrs. Lion can edge me so well. She has a wider margin of error. In my current state, that margin has disappeared. That’s why she couldn’t stop before a ruined orgasm last week. I suspect that this latest issue is physical. When my body is more rested and not spending its energy fighting illness, I bet everything returns to normal.

There is one thing I just don’t understand. My sexual interest seems to have a cycle. I go from no interest to speak of all the way to super horny and back again. I could be at one of those lows. It’s just odd that the transition was so fast. All I can do now is wait. If this is just my cycle, it won’t be long until I go into heat again and stay that way for months. I’m sure that none of this has anything to do with my lioness. She’s been great. It’s my problem. I can only hope it resolves itself soon.


  1. Author

    Don’t worry the whole universe works in cycles your no different stop worrying it will all come back just like last time just relax and get your strength back

  2. Author

    You were sick. Now Mrs. Lion is sick. That will mess with anyone’s natural rhythm of highs and lows, I’d think.

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