Much More Than A Game

Mrs. Lion never ceases to amaze me. In her post yesterday, she informed the world (and me) that I would be spanked for a comment she didn’t like. She then went on to say that she feels she doesn’t know what she is doing when it comes to domestic discipline and enforced chastity. Oh come on! In the space of a very few  years, she has gone from vanilla to a strict disciplinarian. She is an expert keyholder who understands me completely. What threw her off?

It was my comment that she didn’t play with me when she said she would. Somehow in her mind this meant that she was responsible for my sexual problems. Isn’t she the one who told me that this is just a phase and that it would pass? She did. I’d like to say that I believe her and I’m confident my current lack of sexual energy is temporary. At this point I don’t.

Anyway, after thinking about my statement, she took belated offense. As a result my Thursday night was not punishment-free. I wasn’t happy to learn this when I read her post. You found out at the same time I did. I don’t anticipate being punished. Oh no, not at all. But I am happy about this situation; not that she blames herself, but because she recognized I did something that made her feel badly and acted on it.

She’s her harshest critic. By any objective standard she’s not only adopted domestic discipline, FLR, and enforced chastity, she’s embraced them. I didn’t realize that my comment on Wednesday night implied she did something wrong. I found out in no uncertain terms yesterday.

This is a classic case of a spanking not only punishing me and hopefully teaching me a lesson, but also reinforcing Mrs. Lion’s ability to recognize when I do something that upsets her. It didn’t just start yesterday. Ever since those very strong spankings before my last trip, she gets a little smile when she discovers an infraction. I think she enjoys catching me.

Based on my reading, many women come to enjoy administering spankings as well. Mrs. Lion says she doesn’t. That’s fine with me. But then she never expected to like finding reasons I need to get one. But she does. It may not be long before she enjoys the rest of the process. I hope that happens too. I appreciate her efforts.

In the blog “A Married Woman’s Guide,” the author has this explanation for why a man cooperates with something as painful as domestic discipline:

“This is pretty simple. Most men will cooperate with domestic discipline because it is a game. It’s only part game, but it is the part that is a game that wins his willingness to participate. Men love games. They especially love games that are somewhat sexual in nature. Domestic Discipline draws upon early adolescent sexual fantasies to create an exciting psychodrama for him. …Domestic Discipline is a game that allows him to experience his strong, embedded desire to submit to a superior woman. That’s why he’ll cooperate.”

I can’t argue with this. It rings true to me, at least as a reason I wanted to try it. There’s a lot of interesting reading in that blog. I’m not claiming it’s all solid fact. It isn’t. But there are some really good insights there.

Clearly, this isn’t just a game. It’s very serious. But I suspect the reason I get turned on thinking about it is well summarized in the quote above. Just as Mrs. Lion finds fun in discovering my offenses, I am turned on by the idea of a strong woman spanking me. Of course, it isn’t all a fun game. It’s a serious contributor to our relationship. We both learn from it.

When Mrs. Lion gets her paddle and spanks me, there is no game at all. She makes sure it hurts. I think I am changing as a result. My behavior is improving. If it doesn’t improve enough, the paddle comes out again. I have no doubt I will eventually learn. Like enforced chastity, domestic discipline starts as a game for me, but ends up making significant changes in my life; Mrs. Lion’s too.


  1. Author

    I’m bothered by women who enjoy administering real punishment spankings. It just seems mean spirited to enjoy inflicting that kind of pain and distress on someone you supposedly love.

    What about administering these bruising, occasionally blood drawing spankings would you like Mrs. Lion to enjoy? Do you want her to enjoy venting her frustrations, or hearing you scream? In your ideal scenario, whar about it would be fun to her?

    1. Author

      The pleasure I referred to isn’t for causing me pain. It’s the pleasure of having and exercising power. It’s also amusement at the predicaments I get myself into. Mrs. Lion never punishes while she is angry or upset.

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