Nine Deviled Eggs

I saw this and just had to get it for Lion. He said it wouldn’t hurt. Ha!

Yesterday I was falling asleep at my desk. That’s not very unusual. We all do that from time to time. Our servers are so slow sometimes you have to wait five minutes for them to return an answer. The little blue circle going ’round and ’round is mesmerizing. What is unusual is that I was tired after dinner. Falling asleep tired. Lion asked if I was going to come over and snuggle so I unlocked him and cuddled. And fell asleep. Oops.

Given Lion’s cough and ability to fall asleep mid-sentence, it sort of surprised me when he said, “No play for Lion. Humph.” I knew he wasn’t really upset but it did make me feel bad about being so tired. [I was being silly. It felt really nice to have Mrs. Lion resting on my chest snoozing quietly]  My sinus crud seems to have settled on becoming more of an actual cold so all symptoms have become worse. I assume that’s why I was so tired. Lion has been asleep off and on for over a week. If we both have the same cold, it makes perfect sense that no sleep is enough.

In my half-sleep in the middle of the night, I decided I can make deviled eggs for Christmas dinner. There will be three of us so I was trying to work out how many eggs I needed for nine deviled eggs. It was very confusing to me that I couldn’t make the math work. I must have woken myself up enough to realize that you can’t make nine deviled eggs because each egg will net two halves. Duh! That’s how tired I was.

Last night we did go out for dinner. Lion hadn’t had clothes on (except the occasional T shirt) since he got home the previous Friday. He hasn’t moved much from the bed that whole time. He’s been feeling better each day, but is still not well. A few days ago he was well enough to be caged again. And he’s been horny again. Yesterday he said he thought he was well enough for the punishment amnesty to be lifted. What a silly move!

I admit I hadn’t thought about his training collar until we were at dinner. I was looking at something on my phone and remembered the app. Just for fun I decided to try to connect to the collar. No dice. I showed Lion my phone with the “unable to connect” screen glaring at him. He was not happy. If only he hadn’t said he was well enough for punishment again. Darn. It was time to test out my new wooden spoon.

For his second mistake of the night, Lion said the wooden spoon looked too lightweight to be very effective. He didn’t think it would hurt very much. Silly boy! Of course it will hurt. I’ll make sure of that. And it did. He was a very good boy though. He didn’t squirm too much. He stayed right in place for the entire performance. And he did get a little bit of a bruise. He even thanked me afterwards, which keeps him from getting more punishment.

Then I wound up falling asleep on him. Literally, on him. Snuggled up with him, snoozing away. I don’t know how long it was. I did wake up from time to time to watch the Giants lose. But I was done for the night. I’ll make it up to him tonight. I’m sure he’ll still be very horny.

What do you think?