Homeward Bound

I’m so excited to see Lion tonight. Neither of us likes when the other is away. I doubt there will be any wild sex or play since I still have my annoying let’s-drag-this-misery-out cold and Lion is also sick. But we’ve pretty much decided we’re staying in all weekend and vegetating. Of course, by Saturday afternoon Lion will be stir crazy and need to get out of the house. It might be the perfect time for 2.0 to put her foot down and demand that we not go out unless there is a dire need for something.

Lion has not self-disclosed any infractions while he’s been away. I know he doesn’t necessarily feel horny when we’re not together so I don’t think he’s been touching my weenie inappropriately. Plus he’s been sick for the past few days. It’s a good thing I sent him off with cough drops and cold medicine just in case. He did react to the new paddle though. I’m sure the two will be intimately introduced sooner or later. However, I’ve decided that I’ll suspend the food spilling rule while he’s sick. Depending on how sick and helpless he is, I may suspend other rules too. Lion thinks it’s funny that women refer to men as their children. We also know that any illness a man has is at least ten times worse than any woman’s illness. Childbirth? Ha! Look at this hangnail. It’s a good thing I don’t mind tending to a Lion who’s on death’s door with a cold.

With any luck, Lion’s plane will be in around 10:30. We should be back home by midnight and snuggling shortly after that. Maybe we’ll both sleep better together even with our colds. Regardless, it will be good to have my pet home where he belongs.


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    I’m sorry both of you are not well.I hope you both recover soon for Christmas ☺

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      Thanks . Writing this from the plane. Can’t wait to get home.

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