The Wind Is Coming From The East

We ran some errands on Friday afternoon. I was working from home and Mrs. Lion works half a day on Friday’s. It was great to be together. We got to town, and when we made our first stop, Mrs. Lion showed me her phone. The screen displayed the training collar app. It had an icon in the middle and said “Device not found.” Mrs. Lion gave me that “uh oh” look and smiled.

“Am I going to get spanked…again?”

“Uh huh.”

Normally, I would feel a little sexual thrill at the thought of being spanked. Not this time. My bottom was covered with marks from Thursday night’s spanking. I felt horrible that I forgot to wear the collar. This is the first time I truly didn’t want to be spanked. That’s not entirely true. Part of me was proud of my lioness for doing what I’ve wanted for years. I wondered if I made a mistake.

After dinner, Mrs. Lion went to her back-of-the-door shoe rack and selected a hairbrush-shaped paddle. It’s exactly the same size as an antique hairbrush. It’s thicker and made of hardwood. If anything, this spanking was worse than the one I got the night before. I glanced over to her. She had a stern, determined look on her face. Her arm was up over her head. She brought it down hard.

That was the last I looked at her or anything else. My head was buried in the pillow. When I squirmed, she stopped. After I settled back, she resumed hitting me. It hurt horribly. When she finished, I had to keep my head in the pillow until I felt in control of my feelings and my breathing had settled down. I was a little angry. That spanking really hurt! It’s true that she offered to zap me five times with the training collar rather than spank me. I chose the spanking. I really hate those zaps.

I got the message. I better wear that training collar every time we go out. When I think back to Thursday’s spanking I don’t feel a strong association with the cause. I know it was for interrupting, but it isn’t in the front of my mind like forgetting the collar. For me at least, there’s something to the idea that a punishment needs to be very close to the offense. I also think that only one offense per punishment is the only way to truly deter me.

As I wrote yesterday, we turned a corner. Things are different now. I don’t know if Mrs. Lion feels it, but I do. It isn’t that my bottom hurts when I sit, nor is it entirely that spankings are serious now. It’s something more. For the first time I am sure that I have no control over our FLR. I don’t have to “help” Mrs. Lion discover offenses or remind her to punish me. Oh no! Friday night I was hoping she would forget about punishing me, or at least decide to delay it.

I’m not afraid of Mrs. Lion. I’m still the Lion in this den. But I’m not in charge. She is. Yesterday, I put the collar on top of my wallet so I would be sure to put it on before we go out. I absolutely don’t want to forget it.

This may all sound sort of BDSMish. It isn’t. Things have changed. Domestic discipline is real to me. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion gets it too. This may be the defining moment when our relationship changes. My sore, bruised bottom isn’t the reason. It’s a symptom. The real reason is that Mrs. Lion has taken the reins and I accept my role.

Mark this date in your calendar. The wind is indeed coming from the east.


  1. Author

    The moment when everything shifts is a great moment. And very unnerving, too.

    Kind of wish I could go back and experience that moment in my own marriage again.

  2. Author

    As much as I like and am extremely turned on by F/m spanking, the thought of ever feeling what you described in my own marriage is very unnerving and depressing. I don’t know how you guys psychologically and emotionally balance the role of romantic partner and disciplined husband, especially at that level of severity. I really do want to “get” it, but I find it impossible:

    — James

    1. Author

      That’s a fair question. My view of Mrs. Lion hasn’t changed a bit since we began domestic discipline. She is the same loving woman I married. If I break a rule, she gives me a stern look with a little smile. I know what is coming. I asked for this and I agree fully with what she is doing. You may need less stimulus than I. The point is that I understand that I am the reason I am being spanked. I know it is happening because it is what I need. I am grateful to Mrs. Lion for rising to the level of stimulation I need to learn. If the concepts that Mrs. Lion and I follow is unnerving and depressing when you see yourself in my place, I would think that is a signal that this is something that might not be for you.

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