We had some snow yesterday. I don’t think snowplows or sanders were out all day. Lion’s car is made to go fast, not to drive in the snow. He can work from home so it’s not really a big deal. I work in a valley. As soon as I hit the crest of the smaller mountain, it was like someone flipped a switch. The road was already bad. I put it in four wheel drive and continued on. I’m glad Lion never went to work. My four wheel drive almost didn’t make it back out of the valley. Our town mostly got rain and it warmed up in the afternoon.

We needed to pick up some prescriptions for Lion so we headed out. When we got to the store I told Lion I was having trouble with my phone. He asked what was wrong. I said I couldn’t connect to the training collar. He should know this ruse by now. He was really upset that he’d forgotten. He was trying to remember it. He’d also spilled food on his shirt. Double whammy. I wonder if being distracted by thoughts of impending punishment makes him more likely to get other infractions. Not in this case necessarily, but in general.

I was trying to figure out how to punish him. His buns were still sensitive from the previous night’s punishment. I didn’t want to hit the same spots and make the bruises worse. In the end I gave him a choice. He could be zapped five times by the training collar on level 2 or be swatted. Level 1 makes him shoot through the ceiling, but I didn’t want him to take the “easy” way out. He chose swats. I used the hairbrush-type paddle and gave him something to think about.

A few hours later, Lion said he sneaked a peak at me while I was whomping him and he said I looked very determined. He interpreted this to mean I was very into my work. I think it was because I was concentrating to make sure the paddle landed away from bruised areas. I still managed to make one of them worse. I’m not sure what I’ll do if he gets himself into trouble today. I’ll have to find something more creative than a spanking. I’m running out of places to swat.

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  1. Author

    What thoughts or emotions do you experience when you hit him and make him scream or jump?

    Even though he asked for this, do you wonder if he’s waiting to see how far you are willing to take these punishments until you go no further out of concern for his physical and emotional well-being? You guys are really escalating things.

  2. Author

    The thoughts that go through my mind are something to the effect of, “Don’t hit the wrong spot. Please don’t hit the wrong spot.” and “Did I go far enough yet? Have I gone too far?” So far I think I’ve just been concentrating on doing things “right”. As far as his wondering how far I’m willing to take things is concerned, me too. I’m the one who usually quits earlier than Lion wants me to.

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