I admit it. I like making fun of Lion. He keeps getting himself into trouble and then he whines about how bad the punishment will be. What can I do but laugh? It’s his fault he gets punished at all. He suggested it. And it’s his fault he is getting punished at that specific time. Hoisted by his own petard.

Today, he is lamenting the fact that it’s punishment day and he has some pretty big offenses. He forgot his training collar the other day and spilled food on himself. Last night he remembered the training collar, but interrupted me. His fate is in his own hands. I can’t help it if he needs to be punished. And I think it would be a disservice to him to be lenient.

Last night I also added a new rule. I was talking about my impending cold and if it will become a full-blown cold or my normal I-feel-like-crap-all-winter cold. Lion interrupted by saying he hopes he doesn’t have a cold while he’s travelling next week. What’s wrong with that? Besides the interrupting, who was talking about him? We were talking about me. Not him. He does this quite often. I’ll be talking about work and he’ll start talking about his work. Who said I was done talking about my work? I know sometimes he can’t tell, but sometimes it’s obvious there’s more to my story. So I decided he needs an it’s-not-always-about-you rule. The question is, does he get punished for interrupting and high-jacking the conversation or just one? I think that’s up to me. If I feel that he’s interrupted as well as high-jacked, then he’ll be punished for both.

It’s become a cruel land in the Lion’s den. That’s exactly the way he wants it. Well, maybe he doesn’t want cruel. He just wants to be held accountable for his actions. He’s still the one who controls those actions.


  1. Author

    It’s good to know he’s getting what he asked for .Keep up the good work

  2. Author

    Based on the picture, it looks like you tore him up nicely, just like he wanted it. Guess you overcame whatever squeamishness you might initially have had about hurting him. Well done.

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