Time Flies

Why is it that when you’re at work, a day lasts so long, but when you have a four-day weekend, it’s over in the blink of an eye? I had plans. (Actually my plan was to sleep until Saturday, which I pretty much did.) We were going to play and have fun. We’re still planning to play, but how did it get to be Sunday already?

Last night I did manage to tie Lion’s hands to the bed and then I brought out the menthol rub. I’ve been passing that little jar of blue fire for over a week, thinking I should slather it on Lion’s balls. Well, I finally got there. I only did a little dab though. Last time I slathered it. Lion was in a lot of pain. Too much blue fire, even though he poked fun at it being only 5% menthol. That may be the last time he says anything about a menthol rub. This morning, however, he told me I can be a little more liberal with it. Aside from remembering last time, Lion also had a few sore spots from manscaping. I didn’t want to take a chance to get the menthol in those areas. Next time, though, watch out!

My plan for play today is to get Lion in the sling. He hasn’t been in it for a very long time. Once he’s in it, I’m not too sure what to do with him. I can certainly use some more menthol on him; but I just did that. Two other options are anal play and spanking. He hasn’t had either in a while. I’m talking about play spanking. Of course, I can do both this afternoon. He won’t be able to take much anal play right away. We can start out with my fingers and some small dildos. It will take some time to build up to larger dildos and butt plugs.

I think Lion will be happy with a play spanking. It’s definitely different from a punishment spanking; for both of us. I have to be sure to start slowly and build up. I can use my hands at first. I can’t do that with a punishment spanking which needs to be fairly severe right off the bat. My hands would hurt worse than his butt. I think that may be the case even with a play spanking. My hands are stinging and Lion is just smiling away with a red butt. Of course, Lion has a tough butt; except, it seems, when he’s receiving a punishment spanking. Then I think sometimes he can be classified as a wimp.