I Really Didn’t Get The Point

spanked bottom
The point isn’t the color. It’s how much it hurt to get that way. Pain is the point of spanking.

Thursday night, I received punishment for forgetting my training collar and for eating first the same night. After the spanking, we discussed what happened. I (stupidly) commented that the spanking was fairly mild, but it was painful. Mrs. Lion responded that the spanking was all about causing me pain. That gave me pause. She really gets it! I don’t think that I did, not fully. The entire point is to make it hurt, a lot.

I’m not sure what I thought it was all about. That may sound silly, but I never considered pain as the reason I get spanked. I thought it was all about technique, marks afterward, and duration. In my mind, pain was an unavoidable part of the process. Much of my “advice” was based on minimizing the pain while getting my imagined result. Worst of all, Mrs. Lion was buying into it.

Back to the drawing board. Spanking is supposed to hurt as much as possible without causing lasting injury. If the spanking is particularly effective, the spankee’s bottom is sensitive for an extended tine after the spanking has been completed. I’ve been suggesting ways to make bruises and do other things that might make the sensations last, but not ways to make it hurt more.

We even went so far as to have me put Lidocaine cream on my butt to desensitize it. The reason was to make it hurt less in the beginning so that I wouldn’t wriggle away and end the spanking before Mrs. Lion had time to provide a lasting effect. Silly me! That isn’t the point at all. I read about a technique where the spanker pauses between volleys of swats to allow the male to settle before continuing. Eventually, a natural lessening of sensation will occur and it will be possible for the male to remain fairly still for continuous beating.

My mistake is to consider that spanking me requires me to provide any input at all. My job is to hold as still as I can. Mrs. Lion’s job is to cause maximum pain; enough to make me think twice before “forgetting” or breaking a rule. I break a rule more than once, that is feedback to Mrs. Lion that she didn’t make a strong enough point the last time she spanked me. She knows how to fix that.

All those physical signals I sent for her to stop, were actually signs of her success. I have to learn to shut up. My job is to do as I am told. Mrs. Lion will take care of the rest.

What do you think?