She Drew Blood!

tenderizer spanking paddle
This paddle has raised pyramids. When applied strongly, this paddle leaves behind litle marks. The pain lasts for hours.

Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to write about discipline. At least it isn’t when your wife and disciplinarian reads your posts. Mrs. Lion owed me a punishment last night. Monday and Thursday are punishment days. On Sunday I didn’t help put away groceries. Mrs. Lion didn’t like that. She wrote about her displeasure in her post yesterday. I read what she writes too. So, last night after her shower, Mrs. Lion went to her paddle collection and picked out the one with the points on one side.

She came over to my side of the bed and told me to turn over on my stomach. She then administered hard swats, pausing after each one for me to settle down. Oh boy did it hurt! When she finally stopped, there were small drops of blood on my butt. That is a first! I’m writing this just after she finished. My hind quarters still burn. For the record, I remembered to thank her once she finished.

She also teased me that I wrote she should keep going until I got numb and then keep going for a lasting effect. I did write that. I’m glad she didn’t do that this time. I imagine that I will have bruises where each little point hit.

Yes, I do fantasize about being spanked. Thinking about getting one is a turn on. That’s one reason I write about it with such passion. For the record, I hated last night’s spanking.  I also have to admit that it wasn’t very severe in the scope of domestic discipline. I hated each swat. It was severe for me.

Last night was a learning experience for me. It reminded me that I have to be much more aware of what I do. Leaving Mrs. Lion to put the groceries away was wrong. I deserved the spanking. As much as I hated it, that spanking also centered me. Apparently, I need this physical reminder of my place. Even though it truly hurts to sit here and write this post, I feel good; not sexual good, but emotionally right. Perhaps I need my butt spanked for more than discipline.

I know I really like BDSM play spankings. But after getting one, I’m sort of turned on. After tonight’s disciplinary spanking I’m not a bit aroused. But I am oddly at peace. Mrs. Lion did the right thing by spanking me last night. She was right to hit me hard. It feels odd to say this, especially now while I am still smarting, but I need to learn to take more. Mrs. Lion is learning to be harsher. I have to learn to handle receiving a disciplinary spanking.

Last night was certainly a good start. I can feel it well enough to stop writing and get pressure off my bottom. More when it doesn’t hurt so much.


  1. Author

    Don’t sell yourself short on your tolerance. As brutal as some of the DD spankings one reads about are (especially on that “Wifes In Charge” blog), it is the rare case where I read about a wife who draws blood (or perhaps they omit that detail). I have had my skin broken, but there really was no bleeding.

    I also haven not seen anyone describe a paddle that is so facially nasty as the one you were hit with. Somebody obviously saw a meat tenderizer and was inspired.

    1. Author

      I bought the “tenderizer” paddle. The points aren’t really sharp. That was the first time any blood showed up. In my years of spanking experience (giving, that is), occasional bleeding can occur. It isn’t a sign of excessive cruelty, just an occasional pinch. From my bottom position,the tenderizer is no more painful than the other paddles we have. There wasn’t much bleeding; just a drop at the point of impact. It was nothing, really.

      1. Author

        That’s good to hear. It looks nasty.

        To your other point about “feeling good,” I routinely experience that. Most of my spankings are for stress relief, and I experience a significant calm and peace afterward. I never would’ve guessed that would happen, but I think it has to do with the endorphin surge during the spanking.

  2. Author

    I am going to buy a wooden tenderiser for my slut after reading this!

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