To Strip Or Not To Strip

I’ve been wild the last couple of days. On Wednesday, out of the blue, my cage pinched as I sat at my desk. Usually, a quick adjustment cure the problem; not this time. The base ring was irritating my skin. Since I’ve been wearing this cage for nearly three years, I can’t say I have a bad fit. Still, something just moved around and caused the irritation. Two days out of the cage has allowed things to heal. So, I’m back in today. Long term chastity device wearing has it’s bad days, I suppose. I’m glad Mrs. Lion is understanding and flexible. If I continued wearing the cage, I’m sure things would have continued to get worse.

A few days ago I wrote a post about my nudity-at-home rule and how things slipped until I could go a very long time without undressing. For the last few evenings I dutifully stripped just inside the door and, when Mrs. Lion wasn’t home, left my underwear on her dining room chair as evidence of my obedience.

Last night was garbage night. I got home from work and Mrs. Lion was waiting for me to help her get the garbage to the pickup point. I asked if I could stay dressed to do it. Mrs. Lion agreed and then suggested I change from my work pants to jeans first. I did that. It made sense. When we got back, I went to the bedroom and undressed. I also suggested that perhaps we need to rethink my idea about instant stripping.

The biggest problem for me is dragging all my clothes, my wallet, phone, work ID, and keys from the dining room where I undress back to the bedroom. Once there, I have to put things away, in the laundry, or on my dresser. The dog doesn’t want to wait for me to strip before being let out for a well-earned pee. So, this new concept just isn’t working.

I know that where and  perhaps, when I undress isn’t a big deal to Mrs. Lion. I get it. The problem is a very practical one: how do we avoid allowing things to get too lax but still accommodate the realities of life? We could go back to allowing me to undress in the bedroom and allowing some slack as to when I get in there and take my clothes off. The question is how we can do this so my obedience is consistent and not just convenient? I don’t know the answer. Any thoughts?

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    I don’t think you should remain in your work clothes once you get home, even if you change into something more casual, because you need to go outside or if you are going out immediately. So I think you should go straight to your room to either strip naked or to put on something more casual. (Perhaps you should greet Mrs Lion first, if she is at home!) However, I agree that stripping at the front door is probably not sensible unless the house rule is nude at all times indoors. Anyway, how much do you need to wear if you are just working outside, around the house? I would usually just wear a pair of thin sport shorts and a vest outside and perhaps add a fleece if it is cold.

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