Conjugal Visits

Lion is safely ensconced in his protective wrapper again. Sealed for his comfort and inconvenience. It’s only inconvenient when he pees. Or if he’s looking for love elsewhere.

I tease him a lot about having girlfriends. I don’t really believe he has girlfriends. Sometimes he looks at girls’ butts. It’s his thing. I’m fine with it. He can look all he wants. As long as he doesn’t touch. It’s funny when he sees a model or actress that most guys swoon over. Lion usually says she doesn’t do anything for him. She’s not pretty to him. I guess that’s good because I don’t look like a model. I think he tends to like the girl next door look rather than the supermodel.

I don’t tend to swoon over models or actors that other women swoon over either. I also look at nice butts if I notice them at all. The other thing that gets me are eyes. There are just certain colors that look really nice. But I also don’t touch. Lion’s the only guy for me. Luckily he has a sexy butt and nice eyes. Plus, Lion has the rest of the package. As different as we are, it doesn’t seem like it should work out between us. But it does. Somehow, some way, we are the perfect fit.

So why is his weenie in jail? The shortest answer is that it’s complicated. Right now, depending on which of us you ask and when you ask it, you might get the answer that it doesn’t need to be. Lion straying was never the reason. He never went after those butts he was looking at. He did, however, masturbate. Now that wasn’t exactly his fault. I’d all but abandoned him sexually. No wonder he took matters into his own hands.

That all changed when he asked to be caged. I had to be involved. He was trapped behind metal bars. And when I realized he was writing a blog, I read what he was thinking. When I starting contributing, he read what I was thinking. It started us talking and working together. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In the beginning, the cage was there to remind me that he can’t just go off and masturbate. Not only is he not allowed to, he physically can’t. It reminded me that he needed me to provide him with sexual attention. I couldn’t just sit back and ignore him like I had for a long time. He is dependent on me. Without my little key, he’s not getting out.

After all this time, does he really need to be locked up? Yes and no. I don’t believe he will masturbate. I don’t believe he’ll go find a girlfriend. I don’t believe I still need the reminder that he needs me for sexual attention. Why then? It’s a symbol of our commitment to each other. It’s similar to our wedding rings. He’s given me his favorite toy and I’ve given him my word that I won’t abandon that toy again. He also sees it as a form of bondage. He likes that I’ve locked him up and he’s powerless to free himself. So Mr. Weenie will remain in jail, with certain exceptions and conjugal visits of course, for the foreseeable future.