Just to prove me wrong, Lion was horny last night. Who knows how these things work? We just take advantage of it when it happens.

Since we didn’t play Monday night because of emergency refrigerator repairs, Lion had been locked away since Sunday night. I don’t think he was aligned all that well so he was looking to be unlocked whether we played or not. I figured a little snuggling and some wandering fingers couldn’t hurt. It didn’t. And eventually Lion had to deal with some oral attention.

In the past, oral attention meant orgasm. But I’ve been practicing. I can now torture him within a few seconds of coming and still stop short. He gets all of the benefits except that last little bit. He both loves and hates it. Why can’t we go just that little bit further? Nope. Sorry. Not tonight, dear.

It was really nice to see my weenie standing so tall and proud. And then once he wasn’t, he got a little kiss on the tip and back in the cage he went. This time there was no grumbling from the peanut gallery. I guess Lion was in a better mood last night. I think he was in less pain.

I’m not going to make any plans one way or another about playing or edging. We’re taking it as it comes for now. Actually we usually do it that way. Any time I say I’m going to do this or that, something happens and I wind up not doing it. I’d much rather see how we feel on any given day and go from there. I know Lion likes plans, but then he’s disappointed if things don’t happen the way they were planned. That’s life. No guarantees.

dual pouch men's brefs
David Archy dual pouch briefs have separate pouches for cock and balls. The white pouch holds the balls, the front blue pouch the penis. Click image for purchase information.

Yesterday was one of those days I dread. For some unknown reason, I wasn’t aligned well in my cage. I carry a Q-tip to help deal with this sort of thing. But, my penis was being stubborn and the urinal wasn’t going to work out. So, I found myself having to sit to pee at work. It’s not a big deal in the scope of life, but I dislike having to pull my pants down, putting the liner on the seat, peeing, and then dressing again. It’s so much nicer to just unzip and go. Ok, I’m being grumbly.

I like to look at the daily deals on Amazon. Sometimes I find great stuff. I discovered Sous-Vide cooking because of a sale on a Sous-Vide circulating pump in the daily deals. Monday, there was a deal on David Archy micro modal separate pouches briefs. This is a product I have never seen before. It’s a normal men’s brief except it has two pouches in the front. One holds the scrotum and the other, the penis. The idea is that by separating the boys from the penis, there is less sticking and discomfort. Odd, huh?

The balls go into a soft mesh pouch that allows air circulation and reduces sweating. The penis goes into a lightweight fabric pouch above. Granted, while the concept is great and the customer reviews, raves, I can’t wear them. My penis and balls are held tightly in place by the chastity device. No way it would work for me. However, if you aren’t caged, I imagine this underwear will be incredible to wear/

The fabric used is micro-modal. It’s a blend that wicks moisture away from the body. My underwear is all micro modal. it keeps me dry and never smells bad. I wear Obviously micro modal thongs and briefs. They have an extra-large pouch that nicely holds my cage and its contents. I have both briefs and thongs. Surprisingly, the thongs are much more comfortable to wear. I think it’s because the briefs tend to ride down in back. I hate how that feels. The thong doesn’t do that. I don’t really notice that the strap in back goes into my crack a bit. The fabric is very soft and I am unaware of it there.

It’s interesting that male underwear is available in so many variations that improve comfort. Traditional briefs or boxers put pressure on the genitals and in my opinion, are much less comfortable than underwear designed for the male anatomy. Before I was locked in the chastity device, I didn’t pay too much attention to underwear. Once locked up, the extra bulk of the cage combined with the way my balls are pushed forward, forced the issue for me and I did research.

Of course these fancy, pouched underwear is a lot more expensive than supermarket Hanes. But, they are way more comfortable. I suspect the dual pouch design would be a real pleasure to wear. If you get some, please let me know.

As I’ve said in previous posts, Lion and I are both hurting. He is also “suffering” from unhorniness. In the past, Lion has felt the need to apologize for his lack of libido. There’s really no need. I’m always understanding when he says he doesn’t want to play.

Everyone goes through phases. Sometimes Lion is tree-humping horny. Sometimes he doesn’t care about sex at all. It’s no secret that Lion gets more out of enforced chastity and FLR than I do. That’s just the nature of the beast. The bottom generally tends to get more than the top does.

My biggest “get” from our arrangement is a happy Lion. The only thing that bothers me about not playing on a given night is that it probably means Lion isn’t feeling up to it in some capacity or another. Is he sick? Is he tired? Does he think I’m sick or tired? Something is off and he’s not happy. If he’s not happy then I’m not happy. It has nothing to do with my missing play time.

I’ve never demanded we play when he doesn’t want to. While it’s possible I could tie him up and get him hard, he wouldn’t really be into it, as evidenced by his last orgasm. I did get him aroused and gave him his scheduled orgasm, but he wasn’t happy. I didn’t do it as a “Ha! You didn’t think you were horny and I proved you wrong!” moment. I really thought he wanted me to get him aroused so he could come. Lesson learned.

For now, I think we need to concentrate on taking care of each other and getting well. I just hope Lion feels better for his upcoming trip. It’s hard enough to be packed into a plane. He doesn’t need to be in pain too.

There is a wide variation in the amount of time that guys in enforced chastity wait between orgasms. From my reading, the general size of the wait is requested by the male. Some get pretty extreme, at least from my perspective; as long as a year. My waits average 7 to 10 days. I’ve had some as long as 21 days and as few as 2. Is there an optimum wait? What is the value of waiting?

I’ve seen a lot of opinions on the ideal wait. A number of women have written that 7 to 10 days is ideal. Their reasoning goes in two directions: Some believe that is “enough” for any man, regardless of whether or not he is in enforced chastity. Others, like Mrs. Lion, have found that interest in sex plateaus and even decreases after ten days.

One is a philosophical belief that men are “spoiled” and should learn that orgasms aren’t something they can have any time they want. Further, there is no biological reason for more than one a week. I’m not sure what the basis for this originates, but I’ve read it more than once.

My waits are based on two things, according to Mrs. Lion. The first is that I do start to slowly lose interest after a week or so. The reason she varies the wait is to keep me sexually off balance. By changing the dates, I never know if I am being edged or will be going for the gold. She’s very effective. Even though I am given a “maybe” date; a date before which I shouldn’t expect to come, she is capable of ignoring that and giving me an early one. She also makes me wait a week or more after that date.

I think that most of the very long waits are at the request of the male. Some guys want to push the envelope and enforced chastity is an opportunity to see what it is like to experience long denial. Some keyholders like to tie waits to specific events. They play games that permit the male an orgasm only after the keyholder comes a certain number of times. That number can get pretty big. Others tie it to an event in the future; a birthday, holiday, anniversary or other significant date.

There’s no question that we males do have input into the general length of our waits, but we don’t have any control over when we get to ejaculate. That, of course, is the essence of enforced chastity.