Weenie and the Boys

Some women don’t like penises and balls. They don’t like oral sex. The idea repulses them. Similarly, some men don’t like vaginas and oral sex repulses them too. I always figured if a woman was willing to perform oral sex for a man then he should reciprocate. And vice versa. Fair is fair.

Luckily for Lion, I like Weenie and the Boys. I love the soft skin of my weenie whether it’s hard or not. When it’s hard I like how the head is defined from the shaft. Sometimes it seems like the skin gets so tight it will split when he’s very excited. It’s a little crooked, but I guess most are. I think what I like most of all, aside from the creme filling, is when he starts out soft in my mouth and gets hard as I give him attention.

The boys are fun to massage and squeeze. They remind me of eggs in a baggie. When he’s been under a blanket and they’re warm the skin is very soft and loose. If they’re cold, and just before he comes, they are tighter against his body. They may not be at their best looking but I still love them. My favorite view of them is when Lion bends over and they hang down between his legs. Caged or not, I love that view.

I’m very lucky that Lion loves to give oral sex too. Not that I ask him to since I have no libido, but he’s very good at it. I’m glad we’re compatible in that respect. I’ve heard of people who don’t like to receive oral sex either. What if Lion didn’t want oral sex? Yikes! No good. That would eliminate a large part of my repertoire. It’s my “go to” move. When all else fails, mouth to cock resuscitation usually works wonders on a stubbornly soft weenie.

I also usually kiss the tip of Mr. Weenie before I lock him away again. Just a little kiss goodbye until I see him again. Good thing the boys are nearby to keep him company.


  1. Author

    You say, Mrs. Lion, that you have no libido. But that would mean that sex does hold any interest for you. Is this right?

  2. Author

    I really like your blog. I do have a question, if I may. From what I can see Mr. Lion very rarely penetrates Mrs. Lion. I know that Mr. Lion of locked up of course. But I was wondering if another might be that Mrs. Lion does not like penetration that much. Is this correct?

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