Poor Lion. Not only did he have to spend most of Sunday in diapers, but he was also very horny. He mentioned several times how horny he was. He wasn’t grumbling. I think it surprised him and he couldn’t figure out why he was so horny after such a short period of time. A week is not a long time to wait.

I didn’t give Lion his play spanking this weekend. I did tease him every night, however. My MO lately has been to suck him after I edge him, assuming I haven’t orally edged him. And then I kiss the tip of my cock. It’s sort of a good-bye-for-now kiss. Sucking him gets him even more worked up and then the farewell kiss seals his fate.

Last night I had him so riled up that when I gave him the farewell kiss he asked if that was all. He wanted more. Really? More teasing? Won’t that just make it worse? He didn’t care. I’m sure he was positive I’d keep going several times. I actually thought I gave him a ruined orgasm once. By the time I finally decided to give him an orgasm, I don’t think he knew what day it was anymore. I was rewarded with a big mouthful of cum. It’s no wonder. He was very excited.

Lion didn’t move for a few minutes afterward. I had sucked all the energy out of him. Sometimes Lion pops right up after sex and I always wonder if I didn’t do a good enough job. By my reckoning, his legs should be rubber and he should be gasping for air. That’s usually how I am after orgasms. If forced, I can wobble to my feet, but I’d much rather stay down for the count. Last night Lion had no choice. Victory was mine!