The Bitch is Back

I was thinking last night about balls. Lion’s balls specifically. Or, more correctly, my balls. He just carries them around for me. I was playing with them last night and I was thinking how nice they look when Lion bends over. He tells me I can always make him bend over so I can enjoy the view. I know I can, but I think it’s those random exposures that make it even more fun.

I don’t think I’ll run around the house dropping things just to make him pick them up. That would be too staged. If I want to see hanging balls I can make him get on his knees on the bed. I do love that too, but it’s the unexpected surprise ball sightings that I really love. Similar to flashing a man your boobs. Surprise! I assume men wouldn’t mind a staged version of a boob flash too.

At any rate, I was massaging my balls and stroking my weenie and Lion didn’t seem to be getting very hard. I asked him if manual stimulation was not enough. His power stimulator is still in the camper. I didn’t offer oral stimulation. He said he was getting hard and that it felt good. We were snuggling so I sat up to take a closer look. He was right. It was working, slowly but surely. I hadn’t gotten a Lion weather report until around 9:30 so I wasn’t sure if he was even horny. He said he was and proved it by getting very hard.

I edged him without giving him too much time in between. I made sure I always had contact with my balls, if not my weenie. I didn’t want him to have an opportunity to calm down. Toward the end I edged him with almost no time in between. Then I sucked him for a few minutes. Just enough to get his motor running and then I stopped. It was not orgasm night. I could have been. But no. My weenie needs to wait a while longer. A few more days. Maybe a few days longer than that. The date on the calendar says he has almost a week to wait.

The date in 2.0’s mind may be different. 2.0 may not even have a date in her mind. She’ll know when she’s ready. She knows he’s already ready. And she doesn’t really care. The bitch.