No Excuses

Yesterday, I wrote about taking play, sex, and punishment away from bedtime and perhaps, the bed. That started my imagination going. This is a dangerous thing for me to do. It’s like food shopping when you are hungry; you’re bound to buy more than you need. I’m horny and my imagination may be writing checks my ass can’t cash. Oh well. Here goes.

If we take play out of the bedroom, then why not take it out of the house/camper entirely? Before we go out, Mrs. Lion could tell me to drop my pants, bend over, and spread my cheeks. She could insert a butt plug. Then, have me pull up my pants and off we go on whatever was planned. It would add an interesting twist to our activities. I’m sure we could take some of the usual CBT activities out of the house as well. We would know what is happening, but the rest of the world would be unaware.

The possibilities are only limited by Mrs. Lion’s imagination. The element of surprise is fun for both of us. I know she loves the look on my face when she springs something on me. Too often, she lets me talk her out of her creative-if-uncomfortable-for-me ideas. I’m hoping she won’t let me do that anymore. Each time she prevails despite my objections, we add to our power exchange.

I remember the times she had me go out wearing a diaper. We took some long shopping trips where I got very soggy. It was uncomfortable, but it sent the right message. If we do that again, and the trip might be too long for one diaper, there is no reason we can’t carry a change.

My point isn’t really about wearing diapers. It’s about ignoring objections based on my unhappiness with the activity, and being creative about managing the objections that might be valid. For example, me complaining the trip will be too long for a single diaper. The answer is not to let me go without one, but to bring changes if needed.

It seems to me that activities like this are about finding ways we can do them and not about me coming up with reasons we can’t. Too many times I have convinced Mrs. Lion to not do something she wanted to try. Growth for me is to learn to accept, even embrace things that I know will be uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing. It’s part of my role.