Trouble With a Capital “T”

Last night, as we were falling asleep, Lion mumbled something about trouble.  I thought he said he was trouble. He says that from time to time he thinks he asks me to do too much for him. What he actually said was that he’s in trouble. He is?

He did get punishment swats last night on a non-punishment night. Hard ones. Lion needs to learn not to interrupt. This morning he asked if I hit as hard as I could. Um, nope. Sorry. I can hit harder. Part of it was the paddle I used. That blood wood paddle with the sandpaper on one side is mean.

A little while after his punishment, I pulled out my bag of tricks. While I rubbed his balls and got his juices flowing, I asked him what I should use from the bag. Not surprisingly, he didn’t like any idea. No problem. I can choose.

I tortured him with the tiny clothespins for a few minutes. Pink ones because a big, strong man needs to show his softer side sometimes. I asked him where he thought the most sensitive area was. Clearly he didn’t want that little monster anywhere near his cock. Too bad. But I only put it on for a few seconds. It was definitely long enough for Lion.

Then I pulled out the Velcro. Uh oh. I’ve decided it’s not as much fun when he’s already hard. Those little teeth don’t seem to bite in quite as well. Lion may disagree. It still hurt a lot.

So Lion may have a point. Maybe he is in trouble. Now that we’ve started playing more and pain has returned to the game, he’s starting to get exactly what he asked for once again.

[Lion — It’s more than that.  Whether she is doing it consciously or not, she’s dialed up the intensity. The play session included more pain than she’s provided in years. The spanking was much more painful. She hit spots over and over that sh knows gives me the most pain. I woke up this morning still stinging back there. While I hated much of it at the time, especially the tiny clothespin on the head of my penis (NSFW image), somehow it all feels right; even the spanking. 2.0 is back and I welcome her. I know I will regret encouraging her, but it is the right thing for me to do. It will make things better for us.]