Today is travel day again. Both Lion and I work only two days this week before we are off on our next adventure. This time it’s a long drive to an off-the-beaten-path area of the state. But first, we have our three hour drive home from this trip.

Lion and I are getting back into the swing of playing. Now that he’s back to work and the newness of that job has calmed down, we can resume normal activities. Play in some capacity is at least every other night, assuming we feel up to it. Lion’s rules were always in effect, but I didn’t always enforce them. I pointed out the infractions, but I didn’t actually punish him. I’m trying to get better about that now.

As I said in a previous post, playing in the RV is a little more challenging due to space constraints. The bed is “only” a queen size rather than king. But it’s actually the space around the bed that is most limited. Anything that requires my standing next to the bed (spanking, for example) is more difficult. So I have to do that kneeling beside him on the bed. Not a tragedy. Just perhaps not as comfortable at that moment. On the other hand, we could always pull the sofa bed out and play there. Food for thought, Lion. Too bad I came up with that idea with only one trip left in the summer.

Our weekend away has come to an end. Three nights in our trailer. Saturday night Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. Friday night she put a bunch of clothespins on my balls and then edged me over and over again. We had a lot going on in our small, trailer bed (queen sized).

I’ve gotten comments over the last month or two about our use of domestic discipline to punish minor infractions. The reasoning is that there are so few real reasons to discipline me that neither of us would get into the habit of FLR with domestic discipline. So, spilling food on my shirt, eating first, failing to thank her for spanking me, or interrupting Mrs. Lion earn punishment. It turns out there is a problem with this: The punishments are successfully correcting this behavior; so now there are very few occasions for Mrs. Lion to note and punish an infraction.

In my opinion, we haven’t yet learned to automatically incorporate domestic discipline in our relationship. Now that I’m not often breaking the “easy” rules, our education in domestic discipline has stalled. I have no idea how long it will take for us to fully incorporate domestic discipline, but I think we need more practice.

On the other hand, enforced chastity is part of our lives. It takes no special effort to practice it. With or without the chastity device, my sexuality is completely under Mrs. Lion’s control. It’s routine for us. In a way that’s too bad. The initial excitement about wearing a chastity device and waiting until allowed to come is gone.

For a while I thought this was too bad. I liked the tingle I used to get when I thought about not being able to come. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion likes to change things up enough to remind me of my condition. Each time she does, I get that tingle again. When she reminds me that I’m a bottom, her bottom, I get that old feeling.

Power exchange, once part of our lives, becomes routine. That’s both good and bad. It’s good because our goal was to make enforced chastity and FLR/domestic discipline permanent parts of our lives. It’s bad because the excitement fades. In my case, I wanted these power exchanges because I was sure they would make us happier. And, they turned me on. I never considered that over time, I would lose that excitement.

It doesn’t matter. We are fully involved in enforced chastity. Exciting or not, I will never have control over my sexuality. FLR, on the other hand, isn’t routine yet. We haven’t figured out how to assimilate it completely. Any thoughts?

Lion weather was sultry yesterday. And it wasn’t just because we’re in a warmer part of the state. It coincided with Lion’s scheduled orgasm date. I did point out that that date is actually only the earliest he can have an orgasm. By rights, I should make him wait longer. But who am I kidding?

Friday night I loaded Lion’s balls up with clothespins. Some of them hurt but most of them were fine. I edged him over and over and over. He wanted to come so badly but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t get to. Or would he? He never knows. I give him enough bonus orgasms to keep him on his toes. Alas, Friday night was not his night.

Saturday night, however, was his night. But he didn’t know that. He certainly hoped it would be. I think he got an inkling when I moved between his legs. I have edged him orally in the past, but generally if I start I finish him off. Naturally, I edged him quite a few times before the final act. I can’t very well go right in for the kill, can I?

So this morning I have a happy Lion. Not that he’s not happy normally. Let’s say he’s a happier Lion. And he didn’t even ask when his next date is. That’s usually his first question when he’s able to breathe again. Well, Lion, your next date is September 2. Yes, that is very soon. I scheduled it for our last trip of the season. He may not get his orgasm exactly on the 2nd. I may make him wait a day or two. But he will have that orgasm while we’re away.

And then when is his next day? Well, I know, but I don’t like to tell Lion too far in advance. He should be concentrating on that next possibility rather than the further date. Right now he’s basking in last night’s orgasm.

I’ve been thinking about our flavor of domestic discipline. This practice, usually adopted by certain Christian sects, establishes male authority in the family by encouraging corporeal punishment of the wife by her husband. Behind the punishment is the premise that the wife must be blindly obedient to her husband. In practice, at least from what I’ve read, punishment is rare.

In our fledgling female led relationship, domestic discipline is a training tool for both of us. Most importantly, it requires Mrs. Lion to observe and respond to any slips in my behavior. This is a huge change for her. It also provides me with unpleasant consequences for disobedience. We need domestic discipline. At this point, without it we would lapse back into a sort of marital anarchy that generated anger and resentment. It’s hard work and we are far from consistent. Mrs. Lion is trying to improve that, but we haven;t found a way to achieve it. Maybe you have discovered the key to this.

I’ve been thinking that perhaps we should take a few minutes at dinner to review the day in terms of my behavior. I would confess even the smallest breech and Mrs. Lion would review what she observed. After dinner, Mrs. Lion can administer any needed corrections. I like this idea because it is also a chance to also tell each other what we liked about our day with each other. I am not suggesting that if there are a lot of good things, they cancel the misbehavior. I am convinced that for me to be truly happy with this, all infractions need retribution. I thrive in a consistent environment. In case you wondered, I do not like being spanked for punishment. I am not trying to provoke more swats.

On another front, Mrs. Lion told me that she felt mean when she got me hard without edging. That’s ironic. She reminisced that she used to think edging was mean. In one sense, any sexual stimulation without orgasm can be considered mean. Girls are taught not to tease boys that way. They learn to finish what the start or not start at all.

Mrs. Lion sees the distress when she edges me. She has learned to like my whimpers when the orgasm doesn’t come. Then why feel it is mean to just get me hard and keep me that way for a while? I think the answer is the same as it was for edging. Mrs. Lion knows that I expect to be edged if she starts playing with my penis. So, the reasoning goes, I will be disappointed if I don’t get edged. Well, a couple of years ago when she played with my penis I expected to ejaculate eventually. I’ve learned that isn’t going to happen very often and expect to be edged.

I don’t see why I won’t also learn that being played with just to make me hard is an expected outcome of lioness attention. Mrs. Lion crossed the classic boundary of being “mean” years ago. The idea of making me hard just cause she can is no meaner than edging me. It’s just another expression of her control.

We both have a lot to learn.