Travel Day

Today is travel day again. Both Lion and I work only two days this week before we are off on our next adventure. This time it’s a long drive to an off-the-beaten-path area of the state. But first, we have our three hour drive home from this trip.

Lion and I are getting back into the swing of playing. Now that he’s back to work and the newness of that job has calmed down, we can resume normal activities. Play in some capacity is at least every other night, assuming we feel up to it. Lion’s rules were always in effect, but I didn’t always enforce them. I pointed out the infractions, but I didn’t actually punish him. I’m trying to get better about that now.

As I said in a previous post, playing in the RV is a little more challenging due to space constraints. The bed is “only” a queen size rather than king. But it’s actually the space around the bed that is most limited. Anything that requires my standing next to the bed (spanking, for example) is more difficult. So I have to do that kneeling beside him on the bed. Not a tragedy. Just perhaps not as comfortable at that moment. On the other hand, we could always pull the sofa bed out and play there. Food for thought, Lion. Too bad I came up with that idea with only one trip left in the summer.