It’s Become Routine

Our weekend away has come to an end. Three nights in our trailer. Saturday night Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm. Friday night she put a bunch of clothespins on my balls and then edged me over and over again. We had a lot going on in our small, trailer bed (queen sized).

I’ve gotten comments over the last month or two about our use of domestic discipline to punish minor infractions. The reasoning is that there are so few real reasons to discipline me that neither of us would get into the habit of FLR with domestic discipline. So, spilling food on my shirt, eating first, failing to thank her for spanking me, or interrupting Mrs. Lion earn punishment. It turns out there is a problem with this: The punishments are successfully correcting this behavior; so now there are very few occasions for Mrs. Lion to note and punish an infraction.

In my opinion, we haven’t yet learned to automatically incorporate domestic discipline in our relationship. Now that I’m not often breaking the “easy” rules, our education in domestic discipline has stalled. I have no idea how long it will take for us to fully incorporate domestic discipline, but I think we need more practice.

On the other hand, enforced chastity is part of our lives. It takes no special effort to practice it. With or without the chastity device, my sexuality is completely under Mrs. Lion’s control. It’s routine for us. In a way that’s too bad. The initial excitement about wearing a chastity device and waiting until allowed to come is gone.

For a while I thought this was too bad. I liked the tingle I used to get when I thought about not being able to come. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion likes to change things up enough to remind me of my condition. Each time she does, I get that tingle again. When she reminds me that I’m a bottom, her bottom, I get that old feeling.

Power exchange, once part of our lives, becomes routine. That’s both good and bad. It’s good because our goal was to make enforced chastity and FLR/domestic discipline permanent parts of our lives. It’s bad because the excitement fades. In my case, I wanted these power exchanges because I was sure they would make us happier. And, they turned me on. I never considered that over time, I would lose that excitement.

It doesn’t matter. We are fully involved in enforced chastity. Exciting or not, I will never have control over my sexuality. FLR, on the other hand, isn’t routine yet. We haven’t figured out how to assimilate it completely. Any thoughts?


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    Yup..stop worrying about it being right and allow it to be the way it is …

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    Hello, first I want to say I have been following your blog for a few months now, I find your blog and personal daily reflections a huge relief and valued information from getting a real life view point and not complete fantasy driven stories that almost all other sites have. Me and my fiancée have just started our own FLR soon to be FLM, if I get terminology wrong I’m still new to everything. But reading the past post you have been wild for sometime now correct? You don’t wear your chastity device daily due to your new job, which in life that’s a necessary thing that couples need dule income to survive nowadays, but it may be that your daily thoughts since not wearing the device are starting to fade and focus is somewhere else on your job? If that’s the case and you are looking for a new feeling maybe it’s not that you have lost your excitement but as you said FLM and enforced chastity are a part of your life if you like it or not. The last three years of practice and training, you and Mrs. Lion have engrained FLM into your lives Which was the point so maybe it’s time to take it to the next level and focus on a new training regime and new daily weekly practices more rules new punishments and maybe applying new small aspects into the FLM. Or maybe I’m wrong with all that but with you saying the excitement has faded away it seems you have gotten to the point of where you want to be like you trained for a race the last three years and you ran the race and you now need a new race to train for. And I don’t have any specific examples but you have no big issues to be punished for so maybe it should be the opposite maybe Mrs. Lion needs to come up with short term activities for you to complete, paint the bathroom, weed the yard, trim the branches, build a garden, learn a trait a new skill the excitement comes from pleasing Mrs. Lion and you two have gotten to the point it’s time she starts molding you challenging you growing you to take place of the small infractions as a new level of commitment and dedication so you have that daily thoughts again to please Mrs. Lion and get your focus and excitement back.

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