Sultry Lion Weather

Lion weather was sultry yesterday. And it wasn’t just because we’re in a warmer part of the state. It coincided with Lion’s scheduled orgasm date. I did point out that that date is actually only the earliest he can have an orgasm. By rights, I should make him wait longer. But who am I kidding?

Friday night I loaded Lion’s balls up with clothespins. Some of them hurt but most of them were fine. I edged him over and over and over. He wanted to come so badly but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t get to. Or would he? He never knows. I give him enough bonus orgasms to keep him on his toes. Alas, Friday night was not his night.

Saturday night, however, was his night. But he didn’t know that. He certainly hoped it would be. I think he got an inkling when I moved between his legs. I have edged him orally in the past, but generally if I start I finish him off. Naturally, I edged him quite a few times before the final act. I can’t very well go right in for the kill, can I?

So this morning I have a happy Lion. Not that he’s not happy normally. Let’s say he’s a happier Lion. And he didn’t even ask when his next date is. That’s usually his first question when he’s able to breathe again. Well, Lion, your next date is September 2. Yes, that is very soon. I scheduled it for our last trip of the season. He may not get his orgasm exactly on the 2nd. I may make him wait a day or two. But he will have that orgasm while we’re away.

And then when is his next day? Well, I know, but I don’t like to tell Lion too far in advance. He should be concentrating on that next possibility rather than the further date. Right now he’s basking in last night’s orgasm.