On the Comeback Trail

Lion was the perfect gentleman yesterday. Except for a few times he was snarky to me. But that’s OK because I snarked right back at him. When we met up with friends he was well-behaved. There really was nothing to complain about anyway.

He also had nothing to complain about in the bedroom last night. When we first started snuggling, he said he was losing interest. I told him I could fix that. Lion can almost never resist my mouth. And he couldn’t last night either.

I got him right to the edge several times. I was trying to decide if I should give him an orgasm. Since we haven’t been doing anything lately, it seemed rational to just edge him. On the other hand, we both like his orgasms. Ultimately I decided to give him a slow buildup to orgasm. It might just be the thing that gets us back in the swing of things.

Today we’re wandering around the area while our friends go whale watching. It’s a beautiful area. We’re on the island with a few more islands around us. Lion is looking forward to taking some pictures. He loves landscape photography. Later on we’ll meet up with our friends for dinner. And after that?

I don’t normally have plans for Lion at night. Sometimes I’m leaning toward spanking but I change my mind when we start the festivities. Really, it’s more of a spur of the moment thing. It really depends on our mood. Mostly my mood, but if Lion isn’t in the mood, that drives it too.

So we’ll play it by ear. I’d like to do something tonight, but since I gave Lion an orgasm last night, he may not be interested tonight. And that was a consideration last night when I was deciding whether he should have an orgasm or not. It’s not like he can’t be interested but the odds are against it. It’s my job to convince him.

One thing that might help is that yesterday I had a twinge of horniness. He was excited when I told him about it. He wondered why I didn’t say something. It was just a twinge. It wasn’t anything I would have knocked him down and ridden him for. But it is good news. Maybe my interest is on the uptick. We’ll have to keep an eye on it.

What do you think?