We Never Really Stopped

We’ve arrived at our campsite. I’m writing this after dinner on Friday night. Our trip was uneventful other than Mrs. Lion growling at some other drivers. The RV park is nice and we connected with our friends. It is good to see them again. I don’t think that either of us is exhausted by either the trip or the chores of setting up our trailer. It’s cool (65 deg. F) and pleasant outside.

Mrs. Lion informed me that so far I have been cheerful and friendly. I’m following her orders. I’m also having a lot of fun. Having a full time job takes a lot of worry off my shoulders. Tonight may be the new beginning of our play.

Even though we “fell off the wagon,” so to speak, neither of us forgot our commitments to FLR and enforced chastity. As you may have read, over the last months we have had our ups and down’s with what Mrs. Lion calls play. Our down’s have been caused by my lack of interest or her lack of energy.

My interest drove the first year or so. Over that period, Mrs. Lion found and supported the real benefits we get from FLR and enforced chastity. We agreed that these practices have become a permanent part of our lives. So, what happens when our activities drop off?

You might assume that if our interest in activities like spanking, teasing, and other BDSM stuff drops, then our chastity/FLR lifestyle also stops. For a while, that’s what I thought. But as I reflect on the last few months I realize that even when we think we are slacking off, things really haven’t changed all that much.

I’ve been wearing the chastity device. I may not have wanted teasing or orgasms as desperately, but the device was where it belonged. My rules have been in place. I may have “missed” a few spankings, but the offenses were generally noted. Mrs. Lion continues to make many decisions for us both. Sounds like we are still practicing enforced chastity and FLR.

What we didn’t do is consistently enforce rules. I didn’t get BDSM play very often. I didn’t want it. I got the same number of orgasms I have when we are very active. It’s true, my obedience wasn’t tested or exercised as much as we might have liked. But Mrs. Lion made sure I obeyed as she wished. The bottom line startled me. We are consistently practicing enforced chastity and FLR even when we think we aren’t. That is very good news to me.

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