Enjoy the Ride

I was accused last night of not being supportive and/or excited enough about Lion’s job prospect. When Lion said he hoped he’d get this job I said, “Me too.” Apparently saying it while exhaling as if it would be a relief if he got the job wasn’t enough enthusiasm. Never mind the fact that I’ve been saying it almost the same way for weeks or that I told him the other night I want him to get this job because I think he’ll have fun with it. I forgot Lion likes fanfare.

I also forgot last night was punishment night. I know I don’t need a specific night to punish him. I can do it any time. When he reminded me yesterday I said I thought there was something on his list. Maybe he forgot to thank me for swatting him while we were gone. He said he didn’t think there was anything outstanding. I told him a few swats couldn’t hurt (me). It’s true. The only way they’d hurt me is if I used my bare hand. I have had a numb hand after whomping him. That’s when I tell him it hurts me more than it hurts him.

A few weeks ago, I said I thought we should have a paddle hanging in the camper, much like we have a paddle hanging on the refrigerator at home. Lion tried to surprise me with a camper warming present before we left, but the delivery got messed up. While we were gone, a new paddle arrived. It looks very similar to the paddle on the fridge. I was thinking of putting some lettering on it. Something to the effect of “The Enforcer”. We don’t generally have anyone in the camper so no one else would likely see it, but I thought it would send Lion a message when he sees it.

Last night after dinner, Lion said something that I heard as “I’m frisky.” I don’t know what he actually said but he agreed that he was frisky. I decided the Magic Wand and I could help with that. Over the course of helping, I decided I wanted Lion to be as relaxed as possible for his last interview today. He was going to get another orgasm. Not that he was really tense sexually. It’s only been a few days since his last orgasm. I just wanted to do something nice for him and make him happy. Afterwards he said he just can’t figure me out. Why am I giving him so many orgasms lately? I don’t think I really want him to figure me out. I always want him to wonder what I’ll do next. Is this the night he’ll get an orgasm? Will he have to wait a week? Two weeks? That’s for me to decide. I can give him as many or as few orgasms as I want. He just needs to sit back and enjoy the ride.