If you’ve noticed that it takes longer to load our blog, there is an issue I haven’t been able to diagnose yet. I can’t find any server issues, but it’s taken way too long to get to any pages here over the last couple of days. Please accept my apology if you are experiencing this as well. Also, our posts haven’t loaded on time either. My post yesterday should have published at 7 AM PDT, but when we stopped for lunch it hadn’t been released. I published it manually. The same thing happened with Mrs. Lion’s post as well. It may be related to the slow loading problem we are having. Never fear, our daily posts are going to get out one way or another.

We got home late yesterday afternoon. We share the driving. I took the first shift and Mrs. Lion, the second. We each drove about two hours. The drive is fairly monotonous. Even though the scenery is spectacular, after a while it gets wearing. My thoughts kept turning to sex. Aren’t you surprised? Well, actually that is a bit of a change. Since my orgasm five days ago, I haven’t been in the mood for much action. I didn’t say anything to Mrs. Lion, of course, but I hoped she wouldn’t want to play. We still snuggled and she did a bit of fondling. I didn’t get hard. This morning when I woke up, I was hard and excited. In short, I am back to my old self.

My sexual thoughts have turned to the last orgasm I received. It was great oral sex. On the drive home, I replayed that session in my mind over and over. This is unusual for me. I don’t often have graphic daydreams that feature my orgasms. If I have them, they usually center on some BDSM activity and my orgasm is not usually included in the scenario.

On the way to and from our vacation, we pass through a town called Toppenish. As she drove through it on our way to the vacation, Mrs. Lion said, “I’m Toppenish and you’re bottomish.” It gave me a chuckle and also a twinge as well. Despite the fact I have been bottoming for a few  years now, admitting to myself that I am, indeed, a bottom still isn’t natural.  Whether I like admitting it or not, I am a bottom to my lioness. There is no question about who is in charge and whose bottom is spanked when needed.  Yup, I’m bottomish.