Sore Lion Butt

My wild Lion was very horny yesterday. But in the back of his mind he was worried about his punishment. How many swats would he get? After dinner he asked when he could expect his punishment. I told him he’d get it when I was ready. Why rush? He wanted to get it over with.
Eventually I announced that it was time for swats. I selected the bloodwood paddle. It’s got a long handle and a compact head. Just right for punishment. I really don’t know how many swats I gave him. There might have been fewer if he didn’t keep rolling halfway over to look at me and ask me to stop. At least twice, I only wanted to do two more swats before I stopped, but he stopped me. I couldn’t very well let him think he was influencing me, so I continued. Apparently he thought I’d stop when he said it hurt or that he’d had enough swats. He was wrong.
Lion was also wrong if he thought he would have an orgasm last night. It was his scheduled date, but I think he should wait a little bit longer. Does that mean tonight? I don’t know. I do know that he had a lot of fun with the Magic Wand. I got him oh so close at least three times. And then I left him hanging. All revved up and nowhere to go. I assume he’ll be hornier than ever today.
Yesterday we went to Multnomah Falls. It’s beautiful. Lion says it reminds him of waterfalls in Hawaii because it’s a very tall, narrow waterfall. I just know it did not disappoint. It was worth the whole trip. I’m not sure what we’ll do today, other than look for good cell service to upload our posts.
Later tonight, I’m positive we’ll play. I’m not at all positive Lion will get his orgasm. Sometimes I don’t decide that until the last second. I know how Lion votes. Too bad he doesn’t really get a vote.


  1. Author

    How do you do your paddlings? Is he bent over a bed or furniture? Also, how do you decide when he’s had enough (e.g., color, bruising, pleading, crying, predetermined swat count)?

    1. Author

      He’s usually face down on the bed, although sometimes he’s on his knees. I don’t have a set goal for swats. Sometimes I go for a certain number. Sometimes I go for a bright pink butt. [Lion – Sort of a medium “roar”] Sometimes I swat until he’s had enough and then I add a few more for good measure. I mix it up so he never knows what to expect.

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