I Was Wrong

I was wrong. I said I was feisty. I said 2.0 would be out. I was wrong about many things yesterday and Lion pointed a lot of them out. I didn’t defend myself. It’s somewhat exhausting to be on the defensive for much of the day. 2.0 was nowhere to be found.

Today will be different. Lion has already made a mess on his shirt at lunch. He reported that today is punishment day. I told him it was going to be punishment day whether or not it was official. He thinks it’s just for his shirt. Nope. It’s for yesterday too.

2.0 might have taken yesterday off but she’s here now. Lion’s butt is hers later. I wonder if he’ll be able to sit the rest of the trip. She’ll also be making good use of the shock collar in the coming days.

We were tired last night so we didn’t attempt to play. The truth is, I was still wrong late into the night. I won’t say I went to bed angry, but I was less than happy. And I just needed sleep for a clearer head.

With a clearer head (2.0), things are looking up. For me. Not so much for Lion’s butt. I won’t enjoy spanking him. I don’t normally. But it’s my vacation too. I shouldn’t have to put up with being told I’m wrong. Even if I was wrong, there are better ways to tell me.

Tonight I’ll show Lion how wrong he was. And it will be sanctioned by our female led relationship agreement.