Best Behavior

By the time you read this we hope to be at or near our destination along the mighty Columbia river. It will be nice to get away. Lion loves the heat. The dog loves wading in the river. I love the scenery.

As promised, Lion is wild. We’re not taking a vacation from enforced chastity. The rules still apply. It’s just easier for Lion to use the toilet in the RV without his cage on. The bonus for me is that I get to fondle him whenever I feel like it. There’s nothing like fondling a wild weenie. Plus I don’t have to remember to bring the key.

Lion will be edged nightly while we’re gone. I assume he’ll feel better as we put some distance between us and home. He likes to travel and this is one of our favorite areas. If he’s lucky, he’ll get an orgasm somewhere along the line. In fact, barring any bad behavior on his part, he’s almost guaranteed an orgasm.

I’ve never tied Lion’s behavior to his ability to have an orgasm. I like giving him orgasms so he’d have to do something pretty terrible to make me refuse him for long. He just better watch his step. I’m feeling feisty. I guess 2.0 likes vacations too.