Saturday Night’s Alright for Edging

I’m still a little surprised when Lion says he doesn’t really want to play right now. I think what happened this time around in his unemployment is that we both jumped fast forward to the worry part. Last time it took us a while to get to the doom and gloom. I think we’re both envisioning that same 6+ month wait. It may be even worse with the recruiter and hiring manager practically telling Lion they want him, but he just has to wait a week. And then another week. And, oops, another week. It’s no wonder he feels like they’re stringing him along. I’m trying to remain optimistic, but I swear, if they don’t give him some good news soon, I may have to load up my paddles and start whomping people.

On the good news side of the world, our manscaping technique seems to be working. We’re seeing less hair in most areas. As a matter of fact, the hair I do see is gray and the Bella Flash won’t remove gray hair. Those areas will continue to require shaving. This afternoon we’re due for another round of hair removal. I may have to try the Bella Flash on myself. Who wouldn’t want to have to shave less often?

Lion was wild for a little over a day. He got to pee standing up and enjoyed a vacation from the cage. I got to grab him whenever I felt like it and I didn’t have to unlock him to edge him last night. At first he didn’t seem like he would respond. Then I got him interested. I know he finds it difficult to resist my mouth, so I decided to edge him orally. As much as I wanted to make him come, I was good. I stopped just short. Very short a few times. I know he wanted to me continue. I know he thought I would at least once. Sadly, for Lion, I didn’t. And the cage went back on by bed time. No more wild Lion.

He will be unlocked later for his manscaping and more fun tonight. Even if we just snuggle, it’s nice to have easy access to Mr. Weenie. Lion likes that too.