It’s 2.0’s Turn

diaper and painted toenails
Two of my least favorite challenges from Mrs. Lion, painted toenails and diaper wearing.

My libido seems to be returning. There isn’t a specific explanation for this, but the sexual weather vane is pointing in the direction of “horny”. It’s not that I’m sporting a chubby inside my chastity device. But I have those little feelings that usually signify an erection might be imminent. I’m also craving firm control. I haven’t felt this way in some time. I’m getting horny thinkingt about activities I know I hate. For me, that’s a sure sign I want action.

I know that there is a strong sexual component in my desire to surrender. It is certainly what ignited my desire to begin enforced male chastity, and later, FLR. I suspect that a lot of guys are like me. We are turned on by the idea of surrendering control of our cocks. The hardware is a big turn on. The fantasies are hot. I am lucky enough to be married to an amazing woman who was willing to play the game with me. So we played. And played some more. Somehow, during all that play, it ceased being a game. It became the way we live. The same thing happened with FLR. It started as a great turn on for me and is now the way we live.

Of course, you know all that. But here’s the thing: As an extraordinary life goes on, it can begin to feel routine. Those cool, FLR things that seem so admirable to others are automatic for us. The spark seems to fade. This is how things have been feeling to me. Mrs. Lion, a fledgling disciplining wife, is easily put off by my situational depression. Well, that’s  not entirely true. She wasn’t put off enough to skip punishing me when I interrupted her or got food on my shirt. So, she never faltered in her role. She has, however, been giving me space and hasn’t been pushing play or sex. That makes sense if the reason we play is for my entertainment.

What if some of the activities that I usually enjoy also entertain Mrs. Lion? What if she actually missed those things when, for one reason or another, we didn’t do them? What if she did them for herself, not me? Then it would be difficult for me to hide in my feelings. It would also mean that she would be letting herself look for other activities that she would like to try on me. That would be very cool.

I wonder if there aren’t things she isn’t doing that she would enjoy if she weren’t so concerned about how I would feel about them. We haven’t gone near diapers in ages, because, I assume, she knows I hate them. How does she feel about them? I hate her adventures with nail polish. Does she like doing that to me? I have no idea. We don’t talk about what she likes to do. We talk about how I react to things we do. I think it is time to find out what Mrs. Lion or 2.0 actually likes. I may hate the result, but I will love that she is doing things she wants. What do you say, 2.0?

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    I know all about that “chubby” feeling/look! That is all I get now, unlike those pesky and usually painful attempted erections I used to get in the “over the counter” type plastic devices!

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