Turn On Your Filters

I’m still waiting to hear about my dream job. I was warned that I wouldn’t get any news this week. Other candidates are going through the interview process and I won’t hear anything until they have their chance to impress. Waiting is not my favorite activity. That’s an odd admission from someone who has to wait for each and every orgasm. Of course, that waiting is very different. I know what the outcome will be, just not when I will get it. I should be more confident about the job prospect too. The hiring company is very large and has Byzantine processes. The hiring manager has gone out of his way to assure that I know he is interested.  I won’t feel good about the job until I get an offer. The ordeal isn’t done then. There are at least two background checks before I can start. Oh well.

Mrs. Lion has been great about trying to help me feel better. She hasn’t been demanding and has gone out of her way to help me feel less lonely and anxious. I’m grateful for her love and understanding. My ability to sleep has been suffering too. I’m up a few times a night. While trying to get back to sleep, I work to think about topics that will put me in a positive frame of mind.

The other night my thoughts turned to things I read online. Of course it’s impossible to know if what I’m reading is real or fiction, or perhaps a combination of both. For the record, I like both kinds of blogs. The thing is that situations presented in some, particularly in the areas of domestic discipline and female led relationships can set up unrealistic expectations for people who are inexperienced.

So, at 4 AM, I compiled a list of post content that might suggest I am reading fantasy:

  • Is there an elaborate spanking ritual? Can you imagine such a ritual going on for years and years in your house? I can’t.
  • Are other family members or neighbors involved in the FLR dynamic? Would your kids really be bossing around your husband? Are you that close to your neighbors?
  • Has full-time help been hired who also dominates the male? Really?
  • Is the male treated as an object? That’s a big fantasy, but try living that one for very long.
  • Has the male not had an orgasm in a year or more? OK, this is something that a few people really do. Reading about this extreme, long-term denial is a flag, but not an absolute indicator of fantasy.
  • Has the chastity device remained in place for months on end? This is a health risk. Even long term denial practitioners take the device off now and then.

I may have come up with a few more, but that’s all I remembered in the morning. My point isn’t that it’s wrong to express fantasies in a blog. No, not at all. I enjoy reading them. The only risk is that if readers judge their own lives in the context of unrealistic fantasy. When we first began this blog, I was indignant about the blogs that presented fantasy as fact. I guess I’ve mellowed. Some of these ongoing fantasies are like sexual soap operas. It’s fun to see what new inventions arrive in each installment. I admit it. I read them. Sometimes they even turn me on.

Of course I can be completely wrong. Perhaps what I see as inconceivable is actually fact for the people writing those blogs. Maybe your adult kid becomes a junior dominatrix who orders her dad around. Maybe elaborate BDSM rituals are daily activities. I don’t know. I do know that I don’t have any expectation that our lives will ever be like the ones I read about in those blogs.


  1. Author

    Yes, it’s difficult to know what’s real. Years ago, I thought the whole idea of chastity was unrealistic…

  2. Author

    You mentioned being denied for a year or more as a flag, and I’d agree with your take on that – possible, but not very likely. However, as far as being locked many months not being feasible, I have to disagree with that, given the correct “hardware”.

    I’ve been locked continuously in my Lori’s tube for periods as long a six weeks, and once I had the cleanliness issues mastered, I really couldn’t see any reason (physically, anyway) that it couldn’t have been worn indefinitely. I’ve had a surprising number of problems crop up after a couple of weeks, but after a month, everything has settled down and my body is completely acclimated to the device.

    Of course, even though I believe it’s possible, this doesn’t mean that I want to be locked for that long; in some ways, ultra-long-term periods seem to be much less exciting than more moderate periods, where the possibility of an orgasm seems just around the corner.

    1. Author

      My experience, particularly with lori tubes is that the full coverage of the penis can invite long term issues. There are people who have worn these devices continuously for long periods of time; so it is possible. The risks range from skin ulceration caused by being damp and in contact with the metal, to more serious problems hidden by the tube. I’ve always felt that weekly inspections strike a good balance between long term lockup and safety.

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