Today is day eight of Lion’s unemployment. Work days, that is. Even though he knew he probably wouldn’t hear anything from the prospective employer, he’s getting antsy. Why haven’t they called? The waiting is driving him crazy. Neither of us will be happy until there is an offer.

As promised, I unlocked Lion last night and let him run wild. We didn’t really snuggle. We did hold hands. When I asked Lion if he was frisky I didn’t get a response. As we were hunkering down for the night he wondered if he’d ever want sex again. I’m not quite sure why things have to be black or white. Can’t there be a gray area in which his libido is just quiet? Why does it have to be gone for good? Then he said he thinks more snuggling would help. Since we were watching a rerun of Emergency! I told him I would use the paddles and zap him back to life tonight.

I think this conversation highlights yet another difference between Lion and I. My sex drive has been non-existent for a long time, but I don’t think it’s dead. Something will wake it up again. I just don’t know what that something might be. When Lion’s sex drive is low, he considers it dead. I’m sure he doesn’t really consider it dead. I think he just has a momentary panic about it being dead. It’s usually situational and only lasts a few days before I’m able to revive him.

Nobody can be “on” all the time. Especially in the face of adversity. Maybe he’s worried we’ll go back to where we were before enforced chastity. I don’t think there’s any danger of that. Even if we hit a point where neither of us wants sex we’ll still have the open communication we’ve established. We’ll still snuggle. It just won’t lead to sex. It doesn’t mean we won’t be close.

But we aren’t there yet. There’s still a lot of interest in him. I just just have to spark it again. Challenge accepted!