Time wasting is not necessarily a bad thing. Lion loves to go to casinos. I did for a while. Until we started going almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. Unless you’re winning, a casino’s luster can wear off quickly. I rarely won. Lion broke even more often than not. It wasn’t even so bad since the casino we went to was about 30 minutes away. Then we discovered a nicer one an hour away. So off we went almost every weekend to that one for a while. Boring!

Eventually we stopped going as often. To me, slot machines on PC or iPad are just as much fun. If I win I get the same fanfare without the actual money. If I lose I don’t lose any actual money. And no cigarette smoke. Yesterday we went to the nicer casino. Almost immediately I was losing. I don’t even mind losing if I am entertained along the way. You know, I bet fifty cents and it pays me forty cents, but lights flash and it plays a silly song. Even if it takes my money, but occasionally gives me a bonus round with more flashing lights and more silly music. As long as it delays taking all my money, I can be happy. Sometimes I even sneak off and play games on my phone while Lion has his fun. I once read a whole book on my phone while he won and lost the same hundred dollars a number of times.

Lion doesn’t understand why I like to play on my iPad but I don’t like going to the casino. I thought it was just the issue of not losing money and sitting in the comfort of my own home. Then it occurred to me. The games I play involve some thought, some strategy. They are puzzles. I affect the outcome. If I move that piece there, then that will happen. If I play that word there then I can play a different word there later. There’s no thought required for a slot machine. Maybe you have to decide how much to bet. Maybe if you get a bonus round, you have to choose a box or a number of spins and multiplier. But once you push the button, you’re done. Despite what some people think, touching the screen or hitting the button fast has no bearing on the outcome.

I think some people go to a casino expecting to win lots of money. Others, like Lion, are just looking for some entertainment. I always assume I won’t be lucky. (I often tell Lion I used up all my good luck finding him.) I think I’ll be better off parking myself at the bar and ordering drinks. At least I’d get something for my money. But I do like watching Lion play. He gets excited when he gets a nice bonus round. And we can usually find some noise the machine makes that makes us laugh. In the end, I guess it’s less of a waste of time and more of a “together time.” That’s always fun.

may day celebrates my loss of freedom
Today is May Day. For some it celebrates freedom from oppression. I celebrate my loss of freedom to my lioness.

Today is May Day. It’s a day that many countries commemorate to celebrate their freedom from oppressors. For me it is a good opportunity to celebrate my loss of freedom. The movie that is my life has a new director. She has been gradually assuming her power over me. It’s just what I asked her to do. Truth be told, I still have input and get to suggest script changes; maybe too many.

I’ve surrendered control to Mrs. Lion but in reality a lot of what she does is based on things I’ve suggested. So, in one sense I’ve moved from director to associate director of my movie. In the beginning for me, this was more a change of title than actual loss of control. Over time that has changed. The change is slow, but definitely there.

Case in point: Friday night Mrs. Lion got out the vibrator and teased me. After she edged me a few times she let me have an orgasm. It’s only been five days since the last one. It felt great. But the movie playing in my head had me waiting at least until today, maybe longer. The only reason for this was that I figured three orgasms in a month are enough. I had four in April. Is this a problem? No, of course not. Well, maybe a bit because if I were directing, I would have waited until Sunday or Monday.

Your probably thinking, “That’s what he asked her to do: take control.” Yeah, yeah it is. A lion can grumble a little, can’t he? I guess this illustrates to me, at least, that change, even desired change, isn’t always easy. I get this same feeling when I am punished. OK, I did ask for it, but I’m not in the mood now. Too bad. I get spanked anyway.

Real life female led relationships do not just arrive full blown. They start with ideas that begin a process that takes years to reach fruition. While enforced male chastity is more “sudden”, it also takes a long time before transfer of sexual control is complete. Sexual fantasies skip all the evolution and go straight to a sexualized outcome that is great jerk off fodder. We’re evolving.

After Friday night, it’s clear to me that I have little-to-no-input on when I orgasm. I wasn’t asked if I was very horny. She didn’t ask me if I wanted to have that orgasm. She didn’t say a word. She just kept going with the magic wand until I ejaculated. No comment afterward either. 2.0 did what she wanted with no questions or apologies. I was surprised. I asked her why she did it. She replied because she was having fun with the Magic Wand. I might want to track how often I come and even suggest ideal wait times. But when 2.0 is driving, my suggestions fall on deaf ears.

I take this as a harbinger of the future. After all, we started all this with enforced chastity. So, I would expect the first clear signs of 2.0’s arrival would be with orgasm control. I’ve been her principal researcher. I prowl around the web and find things that might be fun; fun for me, at least in theory. Mrs. Lion tries a lot of them. See? I still have input.

In the very recent past, some of our readers have become more vocal. We’ve received comments here and email sharing experiences and ideas. We’ve always had both from guys who are clearly using us as an outlet for their fantasies. We delete them if they are comments and ignore them if in email. But to our delight, we are communicating with other couples who do what we are doing. You can see comments from them on recent posts. One disciplining wife is exchanging email with Mrs. Lion. Perhaps that correspondence will provide ideas for both of them. I’ve been able to respond to their pulic comments with my ideas as well. But I have no idea if anything is hatching in those private emails.

I’ve learned that our blog is much like a friendship; it takes time to develop the trust and confidence to become part of our readers’ lives. Our daily posts are an important part of our days. The comments and emails are rewards that provide valuable, two-way communications with you. Mrs. Lion and I learn about each other and get valuable feedback from these same posts. Some interesting ideas have been proposed in some comments. With a bit of trepidation I wonder if 2.0 will pick up on them. We learn from each other. You are a welcome part of our family.