Another weekend is here. The weather forecast calls for rain both today and tomorrow. We are both very tired. I’m not sure what we will end up doing. We have to shop for some food. We have work to do outside that requires dry ground to complete: mowing, weed whacking, etc. There is no chance we can get to that. Our FLR and enforced chastity have eased into a comfortable rhythm that doesn’t need much attention. Is it possible for all this to become…routine?

I suppose anything can become routine no matter how kinky it felt in the beginning. In a very real sense, this is the desired state. It’s just part of our lives. That doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting or fun. It just means that for me at least, I no longer obsess over what we will do next. I rarely find myself aroused at random times thinking about play.

Of course that can change at any time. A mention of something particularly exciting can get my mind going and my penis pushing against its cage. Or, on a mostly-sleepless night exhaustion can push any thought of enforced chastity firmly out of my consciousness. One thing that doesn’t change is that regardless of my current feelings, I remain locked in the chastity device. I don’t have to want to be locked up. I am locked up regardless.

All this isn’t very different from how vanilla couples deal with sex. Enforced chastity is just another part of our life as a couple. This isn’t how I expected things to work out. Truthfully, I never considered what-if-any end state enforced chastity would bring. Upon consideration, it makes very little sense that our activities could keep going on at some fever pitch. Sooner or later they would have to come into balance with other things in our lives. I just never thought about it.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t try new things or that our activities are less intense. It just means that we understand the game we are playing and we have managed to put it into its rightful place in our relationship. That is a very good omen. In this case, routine is good.