Does He or Doesn’t He?

We didn’t play last night. Both of us are still tired and Lion had the ruined orgasm on Thursday night. I just decided we needed a break. Near bedtime, Lion mentioned that he’s out of alignment in the cage. His urethra is not matching up with the holes in the cage. I said I put him in there correctly on Thursday night. He said over time it moves. Then he said sometimes he gets tired of being in the cage. I get that. I get tired of wearing a bra, and I get to take that off every night. And a bra isn’t made of metal. Well, it can be, but mine isn’t. Anyway, I’m wondering if Lion wants to wear the cage anymore. Or is this just a momentary annoyance? I like having him wild, but should it be a full time thing? Do I like having him wild because it’s an oddity or because I don’t want him caged anymore? That would certainly change the dynamics of things.

If he’s not caged anymore it wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of chastity and FLR. As Lion has said in many posts, a good way to test out if chastity is right for you, you don’t actually need a chastity device. Just the understanding that you are not in control of your sexual needs anymore. We could continue chastity without the cage. But would that be the beginning of the end? In our case, I need the additional reminder that Lion is dependent on me for sex. It would be very easy for me to let things slide and tell him to take care of things himself. I am not consistent. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am consistent when it comes to not making an effort to do things. The cage forces me into action. And by “forces”, my pet, I do not mean that I don’t want to play with you. I mean if it weren’t there it would be easy to not do it. We would regress into pre-cage behavior. I don’t want that.

So when Lion says he gets tired of being in the cage, it has two effects. The angel on my shoulder says, “Yes, let’s free the poor dear. He’ll be able to run wild in the fields.” The devil on my other shoulder says, “Tough sh*t! He wanted to be locked up. He made his bed. We’re not done with our experiment yet. He’ll get out when I say he gets out.” I think the devil and 2.0 are closely related.

I am chalking his statement up to the disappointment of not being unlocked last night, coupled with being tired, and the worry of looking for a job. I believe he does not really want to be wild for good. It’s just annoying when he has a lot on his plate and then peeing becomes messy or difficult. One more straw to break the Lion’s back. I don’t think we’re in any danger of doing away with the cage. It’s still too important to us.

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    I think it was likely a momentary glitch. Your response to keep him locked up was the best decision you could make. Lion will appreciate it in time

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