Exhaustion and a Wild Lion

Lion and I have been exhausted. I had a change in medication and he’s worried about his job situation. Neither makes for good sleeping. Not that we sleep all that well when things are fine, but any added things are a problem. So it wasn’t really a surprise when I went to unlock Lion and he said he might be too tired to play. I suggested we try and if it didn’t work we could snuggle. Well, we wound up snuggling and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep while we were snuggling. Yup. We’re both exhausted.

When it came time to lock Lion up I decided he could stay wild. He assumed I meant for the night. There’s too much going on in the morning and I barely get myself out the door in time to make it to work. I meant he can stay wild until tonight. First he was happy and then he wondered why I wanted him wild. There he goes again. Why ask why? He thought maybe I was tired of his being locked up. I’m not sure why his mind jumps to that. I just wanted to give him a cage-free day. Like the chickens who lay our eggs. Sheesh! Does everything have to have a well thought out reason?

Last night, by the time we finished dinner and I washed the dishes, I was so hot and tired I decided we’d put off our new Jeopardy game until tonight. Lion got a lot of answers right and bemoaned the fact that we weren’t playing. Tonight he’ll probably have an off night and get zapped a lot. Then he pointed out a flaw in my rules. Nothing happens if he doesn’t answer a question at all. Theoretically he could remain silent the entire game and not get zapped at all. Hmmm…. I told him if he did it then there would have to be a new rule put into place. But I don’t think he can remain silent the entire game. It’s not really in his nature. He even answers in his sleep.

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    Uncertainties lead to stress and difficulties with sleep. We all experience them at various times in our lives. I’m sure Lion will once again soon be gainfully employed. And as you adjust to your meds, you will regain energy. All the best to you both!

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